Walk through your Italian citizenship application with an expert.

Italy remains one of the best countries to apply for dual nationality. By providing a simple path to citizenship by descent, Italy opens up new opportunities for hundreds of people each year. But the Italian citizenship application can be overwhelming if you don’t have a professional to guide you.

Claiming your rightful Italian heritage is an exciting and powerful process. And the team at Get Italian Citizenship is with you through each step. From translations to representation in the Italian courts, we have you covered. Connect with us today to get started.

How Does an Italian Citizenship Application Work?

In most instances, getting Italian dual citizenship is not a quick, one-stop process. Unless your nearest Italian relative is still living, you likely will need to go through any or all of the following steps:

  • Gather all required documents: birth, marriage, divorce, and naturalization records
  • Translate each non-Italian document into Italian and format it to match the original
  • Apostille the non-Italian paperwork so that they are legal in Italy
  • Submit the completed application to an Italian consulate for jus sanguinis
  • Apply to the Italian courts for citizenship, if necessary

Doing all of this on your own can be laborious and frustrating. Professional application assistance will get you to your goal much quicker.

Use an Expert in Italian Dual Citizenship

Tracking down your Italian ancestor's documents can be difficult.

Italian citizenship by descent has no generational limits. As long as you can provide the correct documentation to establish lineage, you can apply to be an Italian national.

The farther back you need to go to show your bloodline, the more complicated the process becomes. You will need to deal with government agencies in both countries to gather documents and make them legal to use in Italy.

To streamline the work and save you time and frustration, consider hiring a professional for your Italian citizenship application. Here are five reasons to use an expert.

1. If you don’t live in Italy yet, gathering documents is difficult.

When you are living and working in the United States, tracking down all of the required records from Italy is challenging. Depending on how far back you must go to establish descent, you could need the following documents for your Italian ancestors:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate 
  • Death Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate

Finding all of these pieces from different towns in Italy is not always a smooth process. And if you don’t speak Italian, it could get even trickier. But with an Italian citizenship expert on your side, you can get documentation from any commune in Italy.

2. Inaccurate translations will significantly slow your application.

Professional translation is critical in your Italian citizenship application

Any necessary records from the US will require translation into Italian. People who try to do this on their own rarely have a successful experience.

The documents must have perfect translations that include accurate legal terminology. Highschool or even college-level Italian won’t cut it here. Not only must the translations be excellent, but you need to format them correctly, too.

Each translated document should match the original layout to make the application process move forward more easily. Hiring an expert with professional translators on staff is the best option if you want to claim your dual citizenship.

3. Proving naturalization or non-naturalization can be confusing.

A significant piece of proving Italian citizenship by blood relies on whether or not your ancestor naturalized to the United States. And if they did undergo naturalization, when did it happen? The dates will be essential in this process.

Gathering and understanding these documents can be time-consuming and perplexing, especially the further back you go. And once you find the records, you need to get them translated into Italian. Again, this step’s accuracy is crucial.

If your ancestor never naturalized to the US, you are not off the hook. In that case, it’s critical to prove non-naturalization for your Italian citizenship application. An Italian citizenship expert will know precisely how to do this for you so that you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Applying for citizenship in an Italian court requires expertise.

And Italian lawyer must represent you for citizenship court cases.

Not every application can go through the Italian consulate. In some instances, you will have to apply through the Italian courts.

The most common reason to go this legal route is for 1948 cases. Due to the Italian laws, before 1948, children could not inherit Italian nationality through their mother. Anyone whose path to citizenship goes through a female ancestor who gave birth prior to 1948 must apply in court.

If you are applying on your own, you will need to hire an Italian lawyer with experience in 1948 cases. This is much easier said than done. 

But when you choose a professional Italian citizenship application service, you don’t have to worry. They will have the necessary experts and lawyers to proceed with your case. The vast majority of the time, you don’t even need to set foot in Italy for the process to go forward.

5. You deserve peace of mind.

Claiming Italian dual citizenship is a big step that will give you tremendous opportunities. And you deserve to have it go as smoothly as possible. While you sit and imagine your life in Italy, an expert team can be working on your behalf to make it happen.

Applying for and receiving your dual citizenship with Italy isn’t necessarily a fast process. But with a professional service, Italian citizenship will be yours as soon as possible.

Trying to complete the application by yourself could very well leave you ready to give up quickly. So give yourself a gift and let someone else do the heavy lifting while you decide where you’ll be going first in Italy or the European Union.

Let’s Get Started!

At Get Italian Citizenship, we understand everything you’re feeling right now because we’ve been there. We had to navigate the dual citizenship process on our own, and it was tough.

Fortunately, we learned so much from our experience that we knew there had to be a better way. And now here we are to serve you. Whether you just need a little guidance or a full application package, we are the experts to get the job done.

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