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Does My Italian Citizenship Transfer to My Children?

If you are seeking dual Italian citizenship, you may be wondering, “Does my Italian citizenship transfer to my kids ?”  Like many countries, Italy recognizes its citizens' children, even when they are born out of the country. Unlike many countries,…

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7 Most Famous Italian Artists

Italy is home to some of the greatest accomplishments in human history. From the millennia-spanning Roman Empire to the Renaissance, Italy has been at the forefront of civilization. This preeminence is clear when we look at the famous Italian artists…

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How Do I Find My Italian Family and Ancestors?

Italy has one of the most generous citizenship routes in the world. Through jus sanguinis, thousands of people have claimed dual Italian citizenship. But to do so, you must establish your ancestral lineage. If you’re wondering, “How do I find…

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Can I Claim Italian Citizenship by Marriage?

In the United States, there are long-standing jokes and even movie plots about marrying someone just to get citizenship. Characters often undergo elaborate schemes to trick immigration officials into believing they are happily married. To obtain Italian citizenship by marriage,…

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Italian Dual Citizenship via Parents

How to qualify for Italian dual citizenship via parents You may qualify for Italian dual citizenship via parents if the following are true: Your father or mother was born in Italy. Your Italian-born parent (father or mother) was still an…

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A Guide to the Trevi Fountain

Three coins in the fountain, Each one seeking happiness. Thrown by three hopeful lovers. Which one will the fountain bless?  This old song gives us the velvety voice of Frank Sinatra crooning about Rome’s magical Trevi Fountain. Italian citizens in…

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