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8 Reasons to Visit Sardinia

For travelers looking for a truly unique experience, it’s time to visit Sardinia. This Mediterranean island feels like its own little world. The people and places of Sardinia are all distinctively Sardinian. From the food to the incredible natural beauty,…

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A Brief Guide to the History of Rome

Rome is one of the most influential historical cities in the world, and its story can fill volumes. From its mythical beginnings to its modern-day beauty, Rome’s impact figures heavily on the global stage. Of course, the full history of…

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The Beauty of Living in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most visited regions in Italy. As the sweet spot of all things Italian, here you will find vineyards, architecture, art, food, forests, coasts, and so much more. Living in Tuscany is an aspiration for many…

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Your Guide to Visiting Vatican City

Would you like to visit the world’s smallest country? If you are traveling to Italy, visiting Vatican City is worth taking an extra day. And make sure to read through for all the crucial information when adding this stunning stop…

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