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Are you not sure how to acquire Italian Dual Citizenship?

Do you need help with your Italian citizenship application but don’t want to purchase a full-service package? Do you feel confident that you can handle most of the legwork but aren’t sure how or where to start? If so, the application assistance program is for you.

Sometimes, it can be hard to figure out precisely what you need, where to get it, and how. With our application assistance services, we take all the guesswork out of Italian dual citizenship. It’s like having your own guide who gives you the perfect road map for your journey.


How Does Application Assistance Work?

After you fill out our genealogical intake form, we send you a comprehensive breakdown of your case along with specific instructions for compiling your application. We also send you the appropriate forms to fill out and instructions about where to send them. In the meantime, our team will be hard at work, obtaining your ancestor’s Italian records. And once you get the non-Italian documents, our professionals translate them for you.

The end result for you is a professionally-assisted application for dual citizenship. Cost: $6,000
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What’s Included?

For Your Italian-Born Ancestor:

  • Birth certificate from Italy (“estratto dell’atto di nascita”)
  • Marriage certificate from Italy, if applicable (“estratto dell’atto di matrimonio”)
  • Instructions on how to obtain your ancestor’s naturalization record(s) or certificate(s) of non-naturalization
  • Instructions on how to obtain and legalize (apostille) your ancestor’s death record

For the Generations Between You and Your Italian-Born Ancestor:

  • Instructions on how to obtain all birth, marriage, and death records
  • Instructions on how to legalize (apostille) your records

For You:

  • Instructions on how to obtain and legalize (apostille) your birth and marriage records
  • Instructions on how to obtain and legalize (apostille) your minor children’s birth records, if applicable
  • A comprehensive breakdown of your family’s path to citizenship and possible discrepancies that may hinder your case


  • We translate all of your non-Italian documents into Italian and then format them to match the originals.
  • We use only certified, professional Italian translators.

If you have discrepancies on your documents, we can provide the following:

  • Instructions on how to obtain Court Orders of One and the Same Person – This order rectifies all discrepancies across your entire document suite at once.
  • Information on how to obtain amendments – Depending on the state law, you can have your record amended. Some states issue a new document with the amended information, while others correct it on the document itself or issue an “aka” on the document.
  • Information about how to get a Positivo/Negativo – Obtained from Italy, this document can be helpful in clarifying your Italian-born ancestor’s actual name.
  • Instructions on how to compile affidavits and self-certifications if discrepancies involve a living ancestor.