Our genealogists can determine if you’re eligible for Italian dual citizenship by descent (jure sanguinis) or by marriage.

Gather Docs

Let us do the groundwork to gather a full set of records, prepare accurate translations, and compile all the necessary paperwork.


Receive expert guidance every step of the way to complete your application, whether at the consulate or in Italy.

Ready to get Italian dual citizenship?

No matter how great or small your Italian heritage – whether first generation or fifth – you wear your ancestry as a badge of pride.

What you may not have realized is that heritage could mean you’re eligible for real Italian dual citizenship. While most people dream of visiting Italy with unrestricted access to Italian culture and life, you can actually do it.

With the help of our expert team who specializes in all things Italian dual citizenship, we’ll assist you every step of the way until your passaporto is in hand.

The Italian dual citizenship experts

True to our name, we help people obtain Italian citizenship. Since 2005, we’ve helped more than 200 clients obtain Italian passports.

Trace your Italian ancestry, obtain necessary vital records, or even help apply in Italy with our tailor-made services.

Italian dual citizenship has never been this easy

Hire us and go to your consular appointment armed with a completed application. You’ll be confident that you have everything you need to get your shiny red passaporto.
Alternatively, apply for Italian dual citizenship in Italy with our expert guidance. We’ll help from start to finish, compiling your documents, setting up accommodations, walking you through the process, and following up once done.

The best Italian dual citizenship company

Staffed by Italian/U.S. dual citizens, translators, attorneys, genealogists, and hospitality professionals, we are experts on all things Italian dual citizenship. Save time and money by hiring us – the pros!
We proudly serve people of Italian descent around the world and share your passion for returning to your roots!

Why get Italian dual citizenship?

  • Access to the European Union
  • Better employment prospects
  • A real way to honor your heritage
  • Access to affordable education
  • Protection by two countries
  • Less bureaucracy if you move to Italy
  • A gift you can pass on
  • Access to affordable healthcare

Apply for dual citizenship in Italy

Say arrivederci to your consulate and apply directly in Italy!

By spending time on the ground, you can skip multi-year consular wait times. And if you can stay long term or work remotely, even better.

Italy desperately needs people to repopulate towns and revitalize local economies. People claiming Italian dual citizenship who stay semi- to long-term are welcome.

We’ll take care of everything you’ll need for a perfect Italian dual citizenship application in Italy, including:

  • Private accommodations
  • A full set of Italian birth records for your Italian ancestor
  • All birth, marriage, and naturalization records for everyone in a line from your Italian ancestor back to you
  • Complete aturalization records (or proof of non-naturalization) for your Italian immigrant ancestor
  • Legalizations for your records
  • Translations of your records into Italian
  • Assistance in setting up residency and filing your application
  • Follow up until you are an Italian citizen
  • Assistance obtaining a passport, if needed

Apply for dual citizenship at your consulate

Can’t make it to Italy? Don’t worry!

You can still apply for Italian dual citizenship. When you can’t make it to Italy, hire us to prepare you for an application at your local consulate.

Walk into your consular appointment confident you have everything you need on the big day.

Obtain a full set of documents, translations, and legalizations to file your claim for Italian dual citizenship.

Our consular applications include:

  • Your Italian ancestor’s birth, marriage, and death records
  • Full set of birth, marriage, and death records for everyone in a direct line leading from your Italian ancestor back to you
  • Your ancestor’s naturalization records
  • Proof of non-naturalization plus certified census records if your ancestor never naturalized
  • Translations of all non-Italian documents
  • Full set of legalizations (apostilles) for your non-Italian documents
  • Assistance in obtaining a carta d’identità and permesso di soggiorno, if applicable

What is Italian dual citizenship?

When you have Italian dual citizenship, that means that you have both your native country’s passport and an Italian passport.


How do I qualify?

Please read our dedicated page on qualifying for Italian dual citizenship. It’s easier than you think! Most people of Italian descent do qualify for Italian dual citizenship.


Do you help people from other countries?

Happily! We have helped citizens of Canada, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, the UK, and beyond to obtain Italian passports. If you qualify, we’ll help. And if you want to learn if you qualify we can help, too!


Are there generational limits to Italian dual citizenship?

No. Italian law is very clear on the subject. Unlike other jus sanguinis countries like Ireland, Germany, or Greece there are no generational limits to obtaining an Italian passport. If you qualify, you may go back as many generations as necessary.