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No matter how great or small your Italian heritage - and whether first generation or fifth - you wear your ancestry as a badge of pride.

But what you may not have realized is that heritage could mean you're eligible for real Italian dual citizenship. That's right, while most people dream of visiting Italy with unrestricted access to Italian culture and life, you can actually do it.

With the help of our expert team who specializes in all things Italian dual citizenship, we'll assist you every step of the way until your passaporto is in hand.

Honor Your Heritage

Live in Italy

Italian dual citizenship is a tangible way of honoring your heritage. It brings your family history full circle back to the place it all began.

Enjoy Practical Benefits

Work in Italy

With an Italian passport, you can enjoy all the practical benefits that being a full-fledged citizen of the European Union entails.

Pass It On

Play in Italy

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You can pass on Italian dual citizenship to your children, and they to their children, and so on.

The Italian dual citizenship experts

What we do is simple.

We help you get Italian citizenship! In fact, since we started we’ve helped more than 400 clients get theirs.

You can hire us for one-off services such as Italian translations or the whole shebang – a full service Italian dual citizenship package.

Italian dual citizenship has never been this easy

Hand over all the hard work to us. When your appointment comes, you’ll be have everything you need to get your shiny red passaporto.

We’re the best at what we do – period

Our company is actually owned by a dual Italian citizen. Our staff includes qualified translators, attorneys, and genealogists. And we’re ready to help you make your dream of becoming an Italian citizen reality!

What is Italian dual citizenship?

It’s exactly like it sounds. Italian dual citizenship means being a dual citizen of Italy and your native born country.

Because the rules to qualifying are generally easy to meet, the vast majority of people who have at least one Italian ancestor are eligible.

There are no generational limits and no language exams for Italian citizenship by descent.

A selection of happy clients

Highly recommended

I want to give a public thank you to Get Italian Citizenship, which was so supportive and informative while I was exploring my possible route to citizenship. It is rare to find someone who’s knowledgable and also good at hand-holding and Audra is both. Since I have a special case, I won’t be applying using her apply-in-Italy services, but if you are thinking about doing that, I highly recommend talking to her company.

Cheryl O.

Invaluable service and guidance

Audra was extremely helpful and supportive throughout this process. I had many questions, and she was always available to answer them. She provided invaluable service and guidance to me at all stages of the document collection and application process. I highly recommend Audra’s services for all your Italian Citizenship questions and needs!

Brook O.

It couldn’t have happened without their help!

When I tried to apply in Sicily, I went to to local Patronato with an interpreter. We were told that because of so many scams, they stopped processing all such applications.

This is when I contacted Get Italian Citizenship. Less than a year later, I happily have my Italian Citizenship and passport and it couldn’t have happened, so smoothly or quickly, without their help!

Joanne I.

What started off as a business relationship has blossomed into a life long friendship

In May, my family and I went to Italy to submit our applications for Italian citizenship. The experience was incredible. I am happy to report that today we received notice that our citizenship has been officially recognized. I can hardly contain my excitement. What started off as a business relationship has blossomed into a life long friendship. If you are thinking of applying in Italy, I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Frank F.

A great resource

I have all of my documentation and translations! Get Italian Citizenship was a great resource. Their translation services were quick and complete. All I need now is an appointment at the consulate!

Jacqueline V.

Worth ALL the money I paid!

I first signed up for an appointment through LA consulate and it was two years away. I then researched many different options and companies and ended up hiring Get Italian Citizenship and it was worth ALL the money I paid! They get it done! I just successfully received my Italian citizenship. They are super supportive and I suggest you at least speak with them! I did collect all my own documents required and paid to have them translated by gic. Then I applied for citizenship and BOOM! Check them out!!

Maureen R.

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