Italian Citizenship Cost

Italian citizenship cost may vary depending on a number of factors.

The answer to “how much does Italian citizenship cost?” is “it varies.” Those who go the DIY route can expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The final price may vary according to the number of generations you go back to your last Italian-born ancestor, the number of documents needed, the number of amendments to records needed, and the number of translations.

For those opting to work with an Italian dual citizenship service provider, keep reading for information about our services and fees.

Professionalism Is Our Number One Priority

We guarantee professional services to help you obtain Italian dual citizenship in accordance with Italian and American law. Your sensitive information will be kept strictly confidential.

While many are concerned answering the question, “How much does Italian citizenship cost?”, we aim to provide excellent value for your money. Our fees are fair and reasonable for services carried out by skilled professionals. Wherever possible, we charge flat fees instead of hourly rates so clients know how much they will spend in the very beginning. Unlike other service providers, we never tack on hidden fees after contract signing.


Expert Consultation

If you have questions and want to speak to an Italian citizenship expert (or just want to ask “How much will Italian citizenship cost for me?”, book a consultation with us. We’ll answer all your questions about eligibility, obtaining documents needed for applications through Italian descent or marriage, where to apply, and how to apply. Our consultations do not have time limits. The information you receive will give you the tools you need to move forward on your Italian dual citizenship application with confidence.

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Italian Vital Records

We obtain Italian birth, marriage, and death records from all across Italy. If your records can’t be found at the comune (municipality) level, we’ll search local and regional archives.

Our office is also able to obtain the stato di famiglia document which, while not needed for Italian dual citizenship, is an excellent family resource. The stato di famiglia (Certificate of Family Status) shows all the events in a family from the beginning of its constitution. It shows changes in residency or other changes like birth, marriages, and deaths in chronological order. Some towns started keeping these records as early until 1870 but it was not widespread until sometimes as late as 1930 in Southern Italy.

Fee: $200 per birth, marriage, or death record request. $250 per stato di famiglia request. This includes preparation of the record request, follow-up contacts by our office, obtainment of the actual certificate or letter of no records found, shipping to your home address.

Timeframe: 3 to 8 months depending on the turnaround time of the Italian comune and complexity of the research.


Italian Translations

Our office provides expert translations of records for your Italian dual citizenship application.

Fees: $65 per page for birth and marriage certificates; $75 per page for death certificates.

Translations of divorce records and other multi-page, long-form content is quoted on a case-by-case basis. The fee includes complete, word-for-word translation of your non-Italian records into Italian by an experienced native speaking translator, mirroring all formatting of the original records.

Timeframes: Birth and marriage records typically take 10-14 business days for translation; adoption, criminal record, background checks, and divorce records typically take 14 business days for translation.

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US Naturalization Records

In accordance with Italian consulate guidelines, we search with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to obtain your Italian ancestor’s naturalization record or official statement of non-existence of a record from USCIS in Washington, D.C., the National Archives, and State and County Courts. If your ancestor never became a US citizen, we search and review the 1910, 1920, and 1930 US Census Reports and government Alien Files.

Fees: $400 for a naturalization record suite.

Timeframes: 30 days to 12 months depending on complexity of your project and government turnaround times.


US Vital Records

Our office can obtain birth, marriage, death, divorce records, and criminal background checks from all 50 states in accordance with American law and in the format necessary for apostilling. Procurement of US vital records is limited to clients choosing our full service Italian dual citizenship packages and clients obtaining Italian citizenship via marriage.

For clients choosing to obtain their own documents, we offer apostille services.

Each US state charges a different, varying fee for vital records and apostilles which range from $5 to $50. Get Italian Citizenship charges for order processing, cost of the document, postage, customer support, identity verification and authentication, and direct communication with the US government and state agencies on your behalf.

Fees for Apostilles: $150 to review your documents and ensure they are in the proper format for apostille, as well as the actual apostille.

Timeframes: Varies depending on the state apostille authority that will be issuing your documents.


Full Service Italian Dual Citizenship Packages

For your convenience, we offer a number of full service Italian dual citizenship packages. Clients can have us put together a completed application from start to finish for the following application methods:

Italian Citizenship via Marriage

This application includes case review to determine eligibility, identify the documents needed for the Italian consulate with jurisdiction over the state/county where you are residing, all vital records, criminal record and background checks, and related documentation for your application for Italian citizenship via marriage.

Italian Consulate Application

Clients can hire us to obtain a full documentation package according to the specifications of their Italian consulate. Full service consular applications include birth, marriage, death, naturalization and other records needed for a successful application as well as translations and apostilles.

Application in Italy

Our full service applications in Italy combine all the services in the above full service documentation package, plus accommodations and all on-the-ground assistance needed when applying in Italy. Additionally, this package includes assistance enrolling in AIRE and pick up of your passport, if required.

Court Orders for New York State

Our office can handle Article 78 proceedings to unseal birth records for deceased individuals in New York State (outside of New York City). Service includes legal fees, petition, court order, and certified copy of birth certificate(s) needed.

1948 Cases

Hire us to fight your 1948 case in Rome. Our service includes all the convenience of the full documentation package as well as legal fees, petition, court order, and all follow-up until you are an Italian citizen.

Court Orders of One and the Same Person

Our office can obtain court orders of “one and the same person” when your documentation has serious enough discrepancies that your application will be rejected.

Ready to apply for Italian citizenship? Or just want to talk to us and ask “how much will Italian citizenship cost for me? Not to worry. Contact us today!