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A Quick Guide To The Best Places To Live In Italy

A Quick Guide to the Best Places to Live In Italy

Italian citizens may tell you that there isn’t a bad place to live in Italy. And it’s hard to argue that point. But if you are pursuing dual Italian citizenship, you will need to pick a city to land in as a resident. How do you find the best places to live in Italy? With a little help.

The team at Get Italian Citizenship is here to help with all things Italia. From the food to the music to the beaches, we have the details you need to know about life in Italy. If you’d like to talk about getting your Italian dual citizenship, let’s connect today.

What Are the Best Places to Live in Italy?

Admittedly, it’s hard to think of a place you wouldn’t want to live in Italy. But if you’re considering an extended residence or becoming a citizen, be sure to keep these seven cities in the running.

1. Bologna

This stunning town often goes overlooked compared to Florence, Venice, and Rome. It sits in the northern Emilia-Romagna region and houses the western world’s oldest university. The student population of Bologna University gives the town a youthful feel.

Known for its decadent food and incredible markets, Bologna is a haven for foodies from around the world. Balsamic vinegar, Parma ham, and parmesan cheese are some of the top delicacies from this region.

Visitors and residents alike enjoy the iconic red tile roofs of Bologna’s architecture. This structural piece of the town gives it its nickname, La Rossa, Italian for The Red.

2. Palermo

Living in Palermo, Sicily

Palermo sits on the Tyrrhenian Sea and is the island of Sicily’s capital city. Its history includes conquest by the Roman empire and Arabic rulers, and its architecture shows all of this background.

The city’s position at the Mediterranean’s crossroads gives it a rich cultural history that shows up in everything from Palermo’s food to its religious practices.

One of the crown jewels of Palermo is the Palermo Cathedral, first constructed in 1185. Over the centuries, different occupiers added their touches to this stunning structure. Now it shows the influence of both Islamic and Normal rulers and is part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.

3. Verona

Shakespeare fans will recognize this city as the home of the star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet. Nestled along the Adige River in Northern Italy, this small town has a peaceful vibe. It doesn’t draw as many tourists as Rome and Venice, making it a lovely spot to call home.

Architecture lovers will fill endless hours in Verona, examining the castles and churches that abound in this medieval town. Once you secure your dual citizenship with Italy, be sure to see if Verona sparks an interest for you. It is a quintessential Italian city that offers a beautiful lifestyle.

4. Pisa

People around the world can recognize the famous leaning tower in this town. But despite its popularity, locals still outnumber visitors here, so it’s a wonderful place to live.

Pisa has more than its famous tower.

Pisa enjoys a spot along the Arno River and has nearby beaches, as well. With world-class universities in town, the population enjoys a vibrant and youthful ambiance. It is a stunning city to call home.

5. Cefalu

Also on the island of Sicily, Cefalu is one of the most beautiful places in Italy. This port town seems to be the reason postcards were invented. It is so pretty and picturesque. Dual Italian-American citizens enjoy a calm and peaceful life in this under-recognized town. 

Cefalu’s main square has the dramatic Duomo cathedral overlooking it. This incredible double-tower structure began its life in 1131 and now houses stunning Byzantine mosaics inside its walls. 

6. Avellino

About 45km east of Naples lies the town of Avellino. Surrounded by mountains and nestled along the Sabato River, Avellino is a small town that is a wonderful place to live. 

You can take a half-hour drive when you want to enjoy the more touristy Naples area and then retreat to Avellino’s quiet charm. With incredible restaurants and world-class wineries, this beautiful nook of a town has everything you could ever want.

7. The Heavy Hitters

Ok, so number seven on this list is more like seven through nine. When most people think of Italy, the trifecta of Venice, Florence, and Rome come to mind. So no list of the best places to live in Italy would be complete without them. 

The Trevi Fountain in Rome is a must-see when living in Italy.

From the Venice canals to the Ponte Vecchio of Florence and Rome’s Trevi Fountain, you can’t beat these cities for famous landmarks and history. Living in any of these places allows you front-row access to Italy’s art, architecture, and food.

Because of their status as premier tourist destinations, Rome, Venice, and Florence are bustling places to live. They do not offer the same tranquility as some other spots on this list, but the vibrance may be just what you are seeking. 

Living in Italy as a Dual Citizen

No matter where you choose to settle once you move to Italy, there is certain to be an adjustment period. You may feel like a tourist for months until you settle into the rhythm of your new town.

If you are moving here from the United States, there will be much to learn not only about Italy but also about the European Union. Gaining Italian citizenship also opens up opportunities as a citizen of the EU.

Here are a few tips to help you acclimate after your move:

  • Consider taking a crash course in Italian. Depending on where you live, people may or may not speak much English. Smaller towns away from the main hubs likely will have fewer English speakers.
  • Slow down. Italy, like much of Europe, has a more relaxed pace. Unless you are in a big city, things are likely to take longer than you are used to in America. Stores may open later. Meals take much longer. Appointment times with locals might be very fluid. Just go with the flow and enjoy a little relaxation.
  • Ask for help. There will be a lot to sort out when you move to Italy, from finding medical care to getting utilities set up in your home. The local citizens are probably very eager to offer help if you are willing to receive it.

Ready to Move?

The benefits of gaining Italian dual citizenship are plentiful. And it can be easier to attain than most people think. 

If you have any Italian ancestors, no matter how far back, you may be eligible to pursue dual nationality. Start by reaching out to the team at Get Italian Citizenship. They will walk you through the entire process so that you can start enjoying life in Italy. Benvenuto!

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