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What is Italian dual citizenship?

All About Italian Dual Citizenship

If you have just one Italian ancestor (no matter how far back), you may qualify for Italian citizenship by descent.

For those of Italian descent, Italy has some of the most generous citizenship laws in the world. According to Law 555 of 1912, any person born to an Italian citizen parent receives Italian citizenship automatically at birth. And Italian citizenship law takes this one step further: if Italian citizenship has been successfully passed down one time from parent to child, it gets passed down forever. This is how people who are two, three, four or more generations removed from their Italian ancestor can qualify for Italian dual citizenship.

Jure sanguinis vs. jure soli

Like most other countries in Europe, Italy gives citizenship on the basis of jure sanguinis. This is a Latin term meaning "by right of blood." For Italy, your parentage determines your citizenship (in most cases). Therefore, children born to Italian citizen parents are themselves Italian citizens.

Like most other countries in the New World, the United States gives citizenship on the basis of jure soli. This term is also Latin, but it means "by right of the soil." Therefore, anyone born in the United States is an automatic American citizen no matter who their parents are. Jure soli countries include the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and many others.

Since July 14, 1912, Italy has recognized Italian dual citizenship for children born in jure soli countries to Italian citizen parents. These children can be both a citizen jure soli of their native country and a citizen jure sanguinis of Italy. Furthermore, once the first U.S.-born (or other jure soli country-born) child receives citizenship, it gets passed down to all other generations in an unbroken chain.

The process of seeking Italian dual citizenship

People who qualify for Italian dual citizenship are actually already citizens of Italy. The process of "applying" is actually not an application at all. Instead, those who qualify must ask the Italian government to formally recognize a status they have held since birth.

In order to successfully do this, applicants must recreate their family tree. This is done by obtaining various vital records showing the unbroken chain of Italian dual citizenship. Once the documents are collected, applicants must lodge their claim at an appointment at their Italian consulate or directly in their town of residence in Italy.

Benefits of Italian dual citizenship

There are numerous benefits of Italian dual citizenship.

Italian citizens are EU citizens. This means the right to live, work, and study anywhere within the 28 member states.

Additionally, Italian citizens have access to world class affordable healthcare and affordable education. Parents with children are especially advised to consider sending their children to university in Europe, with its many English-language degree programs and extremely affordable tuition.

Additionally, applicants can pass Italian dual citizenship on to their spouses and children.

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