Italian Records for Italian Dual Citizenship

If you are applying for Italian dual citizenship, you must provide original Italian records (of birth and marriage, if applicable) for your ancestor. These are known as the “estratto dell’atto di nascita” and “estratto dell’atto di matrimonio.”

When you are unable to obtain them (or don’t know how), we can get them for you.

When researching "my Italian citizenship," you'll be happy to know that it passes to your know that
My Italian family is the reason I gained dual citizenship.

Birth and marriage records from any comune in Italy

Whether your ancestors are from Valle D’Aosta or Sicily, we can track down their Italian records.

Our company handles requests for birth and marriage records from all areas. From north to south, island to exclave, if it is a birth or marriage certificate that exists in Italy… we can probably find it for you. If it does not exist, we will obtain a record of no letter found from the comune.

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Costs and turnaround times

The cost for Italian records is $100 each, not including shipping and handling. Turnaround times vary and can be anywhere from 1-12 weeks.

We will continually remind the comune of your record request. If a record cannot be found, we will obtain an official statement of no record found on your behalf and provide you with options to continue your paperwork gathering.

Before ordering, please make sure you know the following information:

  • Your ancestor’s place of birth,
  • Date of birth,
  • Spouse’s name (in case of marriage certificate application)

If you know your ancestor’s parents’ names that helps, but is not necessary. But what if you don’t know where your ancestor was born? Our “Find My Family” service may be for you.

“Find My Family” Service

Many people come to us having a general idea of where their ancestor is from but not knowing the specific town.

If you are not a professional genealogist and/or don’t speak Italian, this may create a brick wall. However, our trained staff can break down those walls for you.

We offer a convenient “Find My Family” service where we research possible avenues for your ancestor’s place of birth or marriage. We’ll utilize known information about your ancestor and cross reference it with demographic data to come up with four concrete options for your ancestor’s place of birth or marriage. Then, we’ll contact each comune on your behalf to search for the required records.

The cost for this service is $500 and includes:

  • four hours of genealogical research
  • a customized report with information about your ancestor’s possible place of marriage or birth,
  • and (if found) an official birth or marriage record.
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Purchase Italian records

You can conveniently use the following button to purchase records from Italy. Simply press the button to go to our contact page. Drop us a line about the record you need, we’ll take payment and work on your document ASAP.
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