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Italian citizenship by descent

True to our name, at Get Italian Citizenship we take the guesswork out of getting your Italian citizenship. Our trained experts will walk you through the process whether you are just getting started or need a final “push” before the finish line. We offer a comprehensive set of services including full start-to-finish packages, document retrieval services, translations, and others.
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Fifteen years ago, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. started out as a one-person operation. Before our founder ever formed this company, she was getting her own dual citizenship (and juggling working as a full time Italian translator). However, the information she needed was few and far between. So she did the next best thing: she became an expert on the subject.

After years of painstaking research and a few failures along the way, she learned how to perfect an Italian dual citizenship application. Soon after, she was taking on other people’s cases for free because she felt so strongly that everyone who qualifies should get an Italian passport.
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In 2015, Get Italian Citizenship as we know it today was born. Now, our team has grown to 8. Staffed with Italian attorneys, expert genealogists, translators, and skilled hospitality professionals, we truly are the go-to Italian dual citizenship experts. And we’re at your service!

What with figuring out eligibility, carrying out genealogical research, tracking down old original records, getting Italian translations, and complying with other government requirements, we know the process of gathering everything you’ll need for your citizenship can be overwhelming.
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Expert Staff, Quality Services

Our expert staff can put together your entire application so you can relax and think about enjoying la dolce vita instead. Simply reach out to us and let us know your interest. We’ll send you a no-obligation genealogical intake form.

Then we’ll work with you to determine eligibility. Once we confirm you qualify, we’ll get started on everything for you. After we gather everything, we’ll send you your completed dual citizenship packet.
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Happy Customers

New Italian Citizen


Frank F.

In May, my family and I went to Italy to submit our applications for Italian citizenship. The experience was incredible. I am happy to report that today we received notice that our citizenship has been officially recognized. I can hardly contain my excitement. What started off as a business relationship has blossomed into a life long friendship. If you are thinking of applying in Italy, I wholeheartedly recommend their services.

Jacqueline V.

I have all of my documentation and translations! Get Italian Citizenship was a great resource. Their translation services were quick and complete. Totally top notch. All I need now is an appointment at the consulate!

Joanne I.

When I tried to apply in Sicily, I went to to local Patronato with an interpreter. We were told that because of so many scams, they stopped processing all such applications. This is when I contacted GIC. Less than a year later, I happily have my Italian Citizenship and passport and it couldn’t have happened, so smoothly or quickly, without their help!

Brook O.

GIC was extremely helpful and supportive throughout this process. I had many questions, and they were always available to answer them. They provided invaluable service and guidance to me at all stages of the document collection and application process. I highly recommend GIC’s services for all your Italian Citizenship questions and needs!


Thank you so much for all you’ve done. I am now living in Florence as an Italian citizen and making use of my Italian passport. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Christopher O.

GIC! I love you! I’m writing this while I come down from the heavens after my consulate passport appointment. Less than two years after I contacted you, I am now the proud owner of an Italian passport. I cannot thank you and your company enough. I had tried working with another company but they were unresponsive and provided vague answers. It looked like I would have to give up until I heard about you guys through the grapevine, and I am so glad I did.

Maureen R.

I live in San Diego and at first signed up for an appointment through the LA consulate which was 2 years away. I researched many options and companies and ended up hiring GIC. It was worth ALL th emoney I paid! They get it done! I just successfully received my Italian citizenship. They are SUPER supportive and I suggest you at least speak with them!


GIC was really helpful and answered a bunch of questions, and their translations were great (and fast)!