The study of genealogy is fascinating and exciting for those who want to understand their roots. Learning about their family’s history is thrilling for millions of people who actively pursue this information. In their search for knowledge, many individuals turn to professional genealogy services for help.

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Why Does Ancestry Research Matter?

There are many reasons why someone would want to learn about their family history and genealogical past. The objectives can range from mere curiosity to legal purposes. Here are some of the top reasons people pursue their lineage.

Casual Interest

Schoolchildren around the United States undergo the time-honored tradition of building their family trees for class projects. They spend time asking parents and grandparents about their ancestors so that they can complete these assignments.

But adults have fun with this type of project, too. Amateur genealogists enjoy the thrill of tracking down their ancestors simply for their own knowledge. It can be exciting to learn new facts about where family members were born or where they lived during their lives. 

Inevitably, something surprising turns up that sheds new light on family stories or questions you may have been pondering. Ancestral research websites receive almost 110 million visits each year, so it’s definitely a fun pastime for a lot of people.

Historical Family Record

As elderly relatives age, younger relatives often want to preserve their knowledge of the family’s roots and history. Creating a robust family tree helps many people to feel connected to loved ones after they pass.

Many families spend time recording their elders’ stories and memories. They collect names of family members to track all the relationships. Amateur and professional genealogy services can help families fill in the gaps to build a comprehensive view of their past. 


With about 60 nations worldwide allowing dual citizenship, many people want to prove their ancestry to pursue this privilege. For example, holding Italian dual citizenship carries tremendous benefits, so it is highly valuable to know about any Italian ancestors. 

In our modern global economy, having multiple citizenship opens up significant opportunities for travel, education, and business. So amateur or professional ancestry research that makes this option possible is extremely valuable.

Legal Issues

There are legal concerns that can arise that involve questions of heritage. In particular, cases that revolve around inheritance may demand proof of family lineage. 

Similarly, many native and indigenous groups require proof of a bloodline to enroll with a tribe. Enrollment allows the person to be part of the community and receive benefits that come with that.

Medical Concerns

Some families are eager to trace their family history to document and verify ongoing or recurring medical issues. Genetic diseases or concerns can come into play for family planning and other areas. 

With the wide availability of genetic testing, many people choose to undergo DNA tests as part of their genealogical searches. Others avoid this due to concerns about medical privacy.

How Do Professional Genealogy Services Work?

When it comes to learning about your ancestors, there is a seemingly endless number of options for research. It can feel overwhelming to choose genealogy services that are the right fit for your needs.

Here is a quick guide to get you started.

Free Searches

For casual interest or help with school projects, free online genealogy searches may be sufficient. These options tend to be most helpful when you aren’t trying to go back more than two or three generations. They may not be as reliable or comprehensive much further than that. But free sites can be a fun and easy way to get started learning about your ancestors and history.

Subscription Services

For most amateur genealogists, online subscription websites are the research tool of choice. Many well-known players in this game have established themselves in the field. 

Ancestry is probably the most recognizable and frequently-used site, but there are many others as well. Some of the big companies offer different levels. They may provide:

  • A Free Version
  • A Paid Subscription
  • DNA Testing

Subscription services through these sites are popular with people who want to build a robust family tree. Typically, the companies send you updates whenever new, relevant data becomes available.

Professional Ancestry Research

While professional services are the costliest option in genealogical research, they are also the most comprehensive. Working with a professional genealogist may be the best choice in cases involving inheritance, citizenship, medical issues, or land rights. 

When choosing a professional genealogy service, it is critical to clarify the following items:

  • Scope of the Project – Before interviewing potential providers, be sure you know precisely what information you need and why you need it. Your goals in obtaining the research will guide your choice of a professional. 
  • Expertise – Some genealogists have very specialized training. They may work only with certain time periods or specific areas of the world. Make sure any potential candidate has the expertise to fit what you need. For example, if you are pursuing Italian citizenship, you want someone with that area of knowledge.
  • Experience – Ask about the genealogist’s experience and qualifications. Depending on the complexity of your project, you may be able to choose someone newer to the field. Or, you might be better served by someone with significant experience. 
  • Fees – Most pros charge by the hour, but for some projects, they may charge a flat rate. There may be additional fees to cover items such as postage and photocopying documents. In some cases, there may be travel that you need to pay for, as well. 

Did You Find an Italian Ancestor? Let’s Talk Citizenship!

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