Full Service Italian Dual Citizenship

Full Service Italian Dual Citizenship Packages

Seeking full service Italian dual citizenship assistance? Look no further. Hire us to do all the hard work for you while you sit back and live la dolce vita.

How it Works

If you want to apply for Italian dual citizenship but don't want to do any of the work, this service is for you.
We offer full service citizenship packages where we take care of everything for you from start to finish. Simply get in touch with us, fill out our genealogical intake form, and we'll take the reigns. We'll obtain every document you need, do all your translations, and get all of your legalizations.
When your appointment comes, you'll be confident knowing you have everything you need.

Your own professionally compiled application

We'll prepare everything to your consulate's specifications. Please note, however, that your consulate reserves the right to require further documentation such as court orders to correct name discrepancies in your documents. In these cases, we're happy to offer such services for a separate fee.

What's Included

We'll include a full suite of birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records. If you have divorce or adoption records we will obtain those, too.
We'll translate your non-Italian documents into Italian. Our translations are professionally done by a native Italian speaker and formatted to look exactly like the originals.
We'll legalize your documents with an apostille. An apostille is a separate certification issued by the various Secretaries of State. Their purpose is to make your documents valid for use in Italy and/or by Italian authorities.
We'll get you an appointment for Italian dual citizenship!