Visit Sardinia to enjoy the incredible beaches.

For travelers looking for a truly unique experience, it’s time to visit Sardinia. This Mediterranean island feels like its own little world. The people and places of Sardinia are all distinctively Sardinian. From the food to the incredible natural beauty, this Italian island is the destination for travelers who are yearning for something off the beaten path.

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Don’t Miss the Chance to Visit Sardinia

The reasons for traveling or living on this island could fill a book rather than a blog. Sardinians have a distinctive take on traditional Mediterranean cuisine, and the island produces wine that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. And the lure of the sea is everywhere, as the beaches that ring the island are second to none. 

Whatever Mediterranean vacation you have been dreaming of, Sardinia provides its unique spin on it. Get ready to experience a trip unlike any you’ve ever had. Or better yet, come live in Sardinia once you have your Italian passport. Here are the top eight reasons everyone should visit Sardinia.

The wines of Sardinia are unlike any in the world.


1. The Pizza

Is it strange to place pizza as the number one reason to visit someplace? Maybe, but we just did. True pizza aficionados could travel to Sardinia just for their one-of-a-kind pizzetta sfoglia. This tantalizing hand-held pie is amazing. Baked in a flaky pastry-type crust, this version of the world’s most popular food literally will melt in your mouth.

The Sardinian capital city of Cagliari is the place to go for pizzetta sfoglia since you won’t find it anywhere else. The combination of the delectable crust with mouthwatering local cheeses and salami is out of this world.

2. The Cheese

Pizza might be at the top of our list, but it is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sardinian cuisine. You might think seafood would be one of the biggest draws on an island, but for this quirky spot, it’s actually cheese. 

The island has 40% of Italy’s sheep population. There are more than three and a half million sheep on Sardinia, more than double the island’s human population. This situation makes for some of the best sheep milk cheese you will find anywhere in the world. The most popular local cheese is the rich and salty pecorino. 

Sardinian cheese, aged pecorino cheese, with olives on a wooden table

Of course, the pecorino makes its way into Sardinia’s famous pizza, but that’s not all. It is ready to consume soon after being made, so it has a smooth, subtle flavor. It is perfect slathered on fresh bread warm from the oven.

And pecorino also gets to play a role in the dessert course. A Sardinian specialty is the impossibly delicious saedas. The island’s chefs deep-fry these little pillows of pecorino wrapped in pasta and then drench them with honey. The saedas will be in your dreams long after you leave Sardinia.

3. The Wine

Nothing goes better with an excellent meal than a fabulous bottle of wine. Sardinia boasts one of the most fantastic wine cultures in the world. The island produces both white and red wine that exist in no other place on earth. The white wine, known as Vermentino, offers a refreshing splash of the Mediterranean. The red wine, Cannonau, is a full-bodied variety that pairs exceptionally well with cheese and pasta.

There is also an after-dinner liqueur called Mirto that is a staple on the island. Made only in Sardinia, it comes from a small blueberry-like berry found on the coast. 

4. The Beaches

Sardina has some of the best beaches in the world. And better yet, the varying topography allows for different experiences for visitors and residents. If you’re looking for luxurious beaches full of fun and festivities, head to the southern end of Sardinia. More peaceful and private spots are along the northern coast of the island.

5. The History

Visit Sardinia to experience its ancient history.

Sardinia is older than you probably think. It has been around for almost four thousand years as a settled island and has hosted its own cultures dating back to nearly 2000 BCE. You will see evidence of this history throughout the island in the form of buildings called Nuraghe. These structures don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

There are over seven thousand Nuraghe in Sardinia, built by the Nuragic people thousands of years ago. The civilization existed until Rome colonized the island. When you visit Sardinia, be sure to take time to explore this part of its history. 

6. The Natural Beauty

Sardinia is one of Europe’s most peaceful spots, partly due to the island’s size. As the second-largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has room for people to spread out. When you want to get away from it all, this Italian island can deliver an experience free from outside interference.

It also benefits from a concerted effort by the Sardinians to preserve the natural beauty of their home. The outstanding nature reserves on Sardinia allow you to explore for endless hours. The Maddalena Archipelago National Park alone could keep you enthralled for your entire time in Sardinia.

Fans of the United States’ Grand Canyon will want to visit the Gorropu Gorge on Sardinia. It is one of the deepest canyons in all of Europe. Book a hiking guide and go enjoy this unbelievable scenery.

To make your time on Sardinia complete, make sure you visit the herd of miniature albino donkeys. Because, why wouldn’t you?

7. The Festivals

Sardinia has many famous and important festivals.

Given its singular nature, it should come as no surprise that Sardinia is home to some truly unique celebrations. One of the most impressive festivals is S’Ardia, in honor of Saint Constantine the Emperor. The hallmark is a wild and dangerous horse race, unlike anything you’ve seen. When you visit Sardinia, excitement and fun are always right around the corner. 

8. The People

Saving the best for last, we want to make sure to acknowledge the people responsible for Sardinia’s greatness. Truly, the best part of any visit to the island is the time you get to spend with its people. They love where they live and want very much for you to love it, too. The food, the wine, and the protected beauty are all due to the incredible Sardinians themselves. 

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