Benefits of living in Italy

With today’s global marketplace and ease of travel, many people have careers they can support from anywhere in the world. Other people are seeking adventure or want to learn about their heritage in other countries. No matter the reason, dual citizenship is highly prized. And the benefits of Italian dual citizenship, especially, are very alluring.

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What Is Dual Citizenship?

When someone holds legal citizenship in two countries, they have dual citizenship. Not every nation acknowledges this status, but the United States is one that does. Or, to be more precise, the US does not have any laws against it.

The benefits of legally claiming two nationalities are highly attractive. They certainly can make it worth the time and effort it takes to achieve dual nationality. Some legal protections and rights extend to citizens that non-nationals cannot claim.

Americans of Italian ancestry often are eager to pursue dual citizenship with Italy. It allows them to connect with their lineage and enjoy a wide range of opportunities.

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

Italian US dual citizenship

It’s safe to say that a significant number of US citizens think that living in Italy, even part-time, would be fabulous. They could probably come up with 20 reasons why it would be wonderful without even thinking hard. And they’d be right.

The food, the wine, the people, the art, the scenery, the food…the list can go on forever. And it can come back to the food repeatedly.

But it turns out that there are also legal Italian citizenship benefits that most people don’t consider. So let’s step away from the food for a moment and look at the top 11 benefits of Italian dual citizenship.

1. You’ll Hold an Italian Passport

It isn’t that difficult to visit Italy. Millions of people do it every year. But it is much harder to stay there longer than a few months. Without a passport, work visa, or student visa, you typically cannot remain in the country for more than 90 days.

But as a citizen, you have an Italian passport. That handy document affords you the right to stay in Bel Paese as long as you like and travel freely throughout the country. It also makes it much simpler to enter Italy in the first place so that going between America and Italy is a smooth process.

2. You Can Own Property

Would you like an apartment in Venice? A villa in Tuscany? A cottage on Sicily? One of the Italian citizenship benefits is being able to purchase property easily. You will enjoy a much more straightforward process as an Italian national.

And, as mentioned above, you can live there as long as you want without worrying about the 90-day restriction. You do not have to use it merely as a vacation spot.

3. Travel Advantages

Travel in Europe with Italian citizenship

This benefit is significant. It’s gigantically significant. If you carry dual citizenship with Italy, you can travel, work, and live in ANY of the European Union countries. 

You read that right. You are free to move about the Union. 

As an Italian national, you can move all around the 27 countries that make up the EU. Whether you just want a weekend getaway or wish to pursue employment in a different country, you can do so. This freedom is one of the most highly-prized Italian citizenship benefits.

4. Education Perks

The average American college student loan debt exceeds $35,000. And higher education tuition rates continue to rise. Italian universities, however, have significantly lower fees. As a citizen, you are entitled to study in Italy as a national resident. You can receive your degree for a fraction of the cost of a US university education.

5. Hereditary Factor

If you are an Italian national, you can pass that right to your children. This holds for children and grandchildren who are not even born yet. Future generations can enjoy all the same benefits you do. This fact means that they also can take advantage of affordable college education, along with all the other advantages.

6. Truly Affordable Healthcare

Italian healthcare

Access to quality, affordable medical care is one of the most significant benefits for Italian citizens. It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the United States does not work well. Hundreds of thousands of Americans go without any medical coverage.

As an Italian citizen, you can apply for the Tessera Sanitaria and receive full healthcare benefits. And for further protection, if you travel through the EU, you can get a European Health Insurance Card.

9. Employment Opportunities

If you have dual Italian citizenship, you are very attractive to employers because you can work in Italy and elsewhere in the EU without a work visa. This fact is a significant perk to international companies. And if you are an entrepreneur, you have an easier path to starting or expanding your business in Italy as a citizen.  

10. You Can Vote

Voting is one of the cornerstone rights of citizens throughout the world. And once you claim your Italian dual citizenship, you can vote for your representatives in the Italian Parliament.

11. The Food

Here we are, back at the food. Of course, you can enjoy Italian delicacies as a visitor, but after 90 days, you have to leave it behind for a while. So why not pursue your dual Italian citizenship, and then you never have to say, “Arrivederci” to your favorite gelato spot?

Italian gelato

Ready to Start?

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