We are an Italian dual citizenship company which offers a number of solutions. Our clients come from all walks of life from many different countries, not just the United States.

The services we provide are available to those seeking to DIY it and just get the last extra “push” before the finish line, as well as those looking for a full turnkey application where we do everything for them.

All of our services are fully customizable and tailor made to each applicant’s individual situation. Each family story is different, so each application for Italian citizenship by descent is, too.

Additionally, we are flexible on pricing to ensure that nobody is turned away.

Affordable services

With our lower overhead, we’re more affordable than other Italian dual citizenship service providers.

Specialized quotes

We recognize that each family’s situation is different. That’s why we tailor our quotes to each specific client.

Highly professional

We have been working in this industry since 2005. Our reputation and professionalism stands the test of time.

Apply for Italian dual citizenship in Italy

We specialize in assisting people to apply for Italian citizenship in Italy.

Applying in Italy allows our clients to skip the consular wait times, have an authentic experience in an Italian town, and to obtain their Italian passports faster.

Those who apply in Italy find it to be a more fulfilling experience. Upon request, we can also put together a personalized itinerary of local cultural and touristic excursions.

More information about applying in Italy can be found here.

Italian dual citizenship translations

We provide Italian translations for dual citizenship. Our translations are formatted to look exactly like the originals and are accepted at all consulates and Italian towns.

Clients with multiple documents and/or repeat documents are eligible for volume discounts.

All of our translations are done by a native speaker of Italian to ensure accuracy.

Vital records for Italian dual citizenship

You can hire us to obtain vital records for your Italian dual citizenship application.

We can obtain all the following types of records and more:

  • Italian birth certificates
  • Italian death certificates
  • Italian marriage certificates
  • Italian “stato di famiglia” documents

Our company can also obtain various American and other non-Italian vital records including but not limited to:

  • American birth records
  • American marriage records
  • American death records
  • American divorce records

Additionally, we can obtain naturalization records for your Italian ancestor as well as certified census copies and other documents necessary to apply for recognition of Italian dual citizenship.

Consular applications for Italian dual citizenship

Those who apply for Italian citizenship via their local Italian consulates can hire us for assistance.

Each Italian consulate in the United States has a slightly different set of requirements and procedures for obtaining Italian dual citizenship. Our company can look over your documentation to make sure it is compiled in accordance with your specific consulate’s requirements in mind.

Additionally, we can acquire a complete set of documents for you to use at your consular application. This way, you can hand over the hard work to us!

Would you like to obtain Italian dual citizenship and want to get started? Contact us today.