July 19, 2019
does Italy allow dual citizenship?

Does Italy Allow Dual Citizenship? Here’s What You Need to Know

Does Italy allow dual citizenship? If that’s a question you’ve been asking yourself (or others) then this post is just for you. Read on to find the answer.
July 18, 2019
benefits of Italian dual citizenship

The Key Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

Italian dual citizenship comes with many benefits that are hard to resist. Read on to find out the top 7 benefits of Italian dual citizenship.
July 12, 2019
Italian consulate appointment

The Consular Appointment: What Happens If You Can’t Get One?

If you are thinking of obtaining Italian dual citizenship, it is an inevitability: at some point you’ll have to deal with your local Italian consulate. But […]
July 11, 2019
Italian dual citizenship

How to Get Dual Citizenship in Italy – Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Italian Dual Citizenship Need to know how to get dual citizenship in Italy?  If you’re considering getting Italian citizenship and […]
July 1, 2019
1948 cases

Italian Dual Citizenship: What Is a “1948 Case”?

Italian dual citizenship: what exactly is a 1948 case? In this post, we'll explain the 1948 rule and how to beat it.
June 29, 2019
Italian citizenship through grandparents

Can I Get Italian Citizenship Through Grandparents?

If you have Italian grandparents, you may qualify for Italian dual citizenship! Here's how to get Italian citizenship through grandparents.
June 29, 2019

How I Got Italian Dual Citizenship

I may be an expert now, but my own Italian citizenship application was fraught with a bunch of trial and error. Here's the story of how I got Italian dual citizenship.
June 28, 2019
Italian dual citizenship

How Much Does Italian Dual Citizenship Cost?

How much does Italian dual citizenship cost? In this post we'll explain in depth the fees you can expect to pay when getting an Italian passport.
June 28, 2019

Italian Dual Citizenship: Applying in Italy vs. At the Consulate

Italian dual citizenship: what's the difference between applying in Italy vs. at a consulate? Read this post to find out more.