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Wherever you are, we help you get Italian dual citizenship.

Consular Applications

The "standard" Italian dual citizenship path. Hire us to compile a full application for you from start to finish. Then, we'll deliver a file for you to bring to your Italian consulate appointment.

Includes eligibility confirmation, original birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records, Italian translations, legalizations, forms for use at your consulate, and your very own consular appointment.

Apply for Italian citizenship in Italy

A popular option if you want to apply for Italian citizenship and move to Italy at the same time!

Includes everything in our standard consular application, plus access to your very own Italian citizenship expert! Also includes assistance finding accommodations, interpreting for you at all your citizenship meetings, help with obtaining permits to stay, and accompaniment when picking up your Italian passport in person.

Apply in Italy!

Expert Italian translations

Have a good idea of what you need for your application and you can get a handle on the document gathering? Great!

Then hire us to do your Italian translations for you! Simply come to us, show us what documents you already have and we'll transform them into impeccable Italian translations. Our translations are done by a native speaker of Italian and are accepted at Italian consulates worldwide.

Legal services and court cases

From time to time, certain clients may require legal assistance and/or request Italian citizenship through the Italian courts.

In these instances, you can hire our team to represent you before both American and Italian courts. We process 1948 case applications, 730 day case applications, can obtain court orders for certain records and amendments, and can even take it to court when you can't get yourself an appointment for Italian dual citizenship.

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