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Italy’s calling. Why not answer?

Did you know that there are 15.7 million Italian Americans?

And that, more importantly, if you’re one of them you may actually qualify for an Italian passport?

That’s right. 

While others dream of living la dolce vita in the land of Fellini and Ferrari, you can actually do it.

At our company, we like to think of it as our ancestors passing down so much more than just the secret family recipe for sauce. 

Continue reading to see if you qualify.

Get Italian citizenship and…

  • Live, work, and study anywhere within the European Union
  • Enjoy access to world-class, affordable healthcare
  • Be protected by two countries’ governments when traveling abroad
  • Visit places restricted to you by your native passport
  • Bring your family history full circle, back to Italy
  • Pass on Italian dual citizenship to your spouse and children
  • Enjoy affordable education in any EU member state
  • Vote in Italian elections and referendums
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