Italian Dual Citizenship Services

U.S. Documents

We can obtain all U.S. vital records that you need for your Italian dual citizenship application. These include but are not limited to birth, marriage, divorce, death, and naturalization records.

Italian Documents

Our staff can research and obtain all necessary Italian documents. These include atti di nascita, matrimonio, morte, certificati di cittadinanza, and others as needed.

Italian Translations

Get Italian Citizenship can furnish expert translations into and out of Italian and any other language. They are formatted to look exactly like the originals for use presenting them at appointments.

Genealogical Research

Do you have a question about your Italian ancestry or need help discovering if you qualify? Don't worry, we can help! Let us research your family's history to determine if you qualify for Italian citizenship.

Consular Applications

Our company can check your consulate's requirements to make sure you've got everything you need. We can also put together a complete application for your ease.

Direct in Italy Applications

Come with us to skip consular wait times and apply in Italy! We have a network of friendly, responsive Italian towns eager to help you file your request for recognition of Italian citizenship.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clients Are Saying

I have used Audra several times in the recent past. I can attest to the fact that she does very accurate translations, often at the last moment when you need the translation quickly. I used her translations for all of my recent work obtaining passports and also for citizenship by birth of my grandchild. When I presented these documents to the Philadelphia Consulate, they were accepted without question. Her work is of the highest quality. (Joseph Cama)

I always knew I wanted to apply for Italian dual citizenship in Italy but wasn't sure if I could skip the consulate, or even how to do it. With Audra their help, I was able to apply and then 3 months later I became a citizen. Thank you so much! (Meredith Gaffney)

I'm dropping in to thank Get Italian Citizenship for the wonderful experience we had in filing for our dual citizenship. We are waiting now only for the NY Consulate to verify that my grandfather did not renounce his citizenship. We scheduled two weeks in Italy, but to our surprise, we found ourselves done in 5 days! Everyone was as nice as could be and although I am now back home, I am still finding it hard to believe it went so quickly. And no consulate hassles! Wow! This is a service that delivers what it promises. (Lydia Fazio Theys)

I had the best experience of my life applying in Italy with the help of Get Italian Citizneship. I cannot rate their services high enough, and would recommend them to anyone. When I first went in, I had no idea what to expect but my expectations were far exceeded. Perfetto! (Dennis Whipple)

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