Our most requested Italian dual citizenship services

Italian Translation Services

Italian dual citizenship translations

Expertly crafted Italian translations for use at your application for Italian dual citizenship. Get Italian Citizenship arranges the translations to look exactly like the originals, replicating tables and other formatting.

Apply in Italy

Expedited citizenship vacations

Our enjoyable citizenship "vacations" allow our clients to obtain temporary residency in Italy and apply there, cutting down on long wait times for consular appointments.

Italian Document Service

Italian and American documents

We can obtain both American and Italian documents for use in your Italian dual citizenship application. Where needed, we can also obtain certifications such as apostilles.

Italy Citizen Application Service

Italian citizenship application help

If you just need a few pointers or are not sure how to start, you can always contact us for help. We'll schedule a handy one hour phone consultation, where you can speak with our Italian dual citizenship experts.


Complete Italian dual citizenship services list

- Complete assistance for Italian dual citizenship applications
​- Judicial (via court) Italian dual citizenship applications
- Evaluation of qualifications for Italian dual citizenship
​- Procurement of Italian birth, marriage and death certificates
- Expert, accurate Italian translations of American documents
​- Legal assistance provided by an experienced Italian lawyer
- Assistance in applying for Italian dual citizenship in Italy
​- Italian genealogical research and family tree services
- Personalized heritage trips to discover ​your family's Italy
​- Procurement of American birth, marriage and death certs.
​- Consulting and advice re: your own Italian dual citizenship
​- Procurement of apostilles and other American certifications

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