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We provide premium Italian dual citizenship services because we're passionate about what we do: genealogy, translations, and our Italian heritage.

Get Italian Citizenship is staffed by a consortium of experts in Italian dual citizenship, genealogy, translations and hospitality located throughout the United States and Italy.


Our passion lies in celebrating the history of our people.

Starting in the 1800s, almost 30 million Italians left their homes seeking a better life. Struggling to make ends meet, they sacrificed so that future generations could enjoy the fruits of their hard labor in a land that knew nothing of their customs, culture, language, and was even sometimes openly hostile to them. Often, they congregated en masse in bustling and dirty tenement cities - a far cry from their native Italy. Their work ethic and spirit of community allowed future generations to not only survive, but to thrive.

Over time, these immigrants and their families have become the backbone of the United States - their prosperous children and grandchildren have now moved to other communities and have integrated into society at large.

Today's Italian Americans, often three or four generations removed from the motherland, are yearning now more than ever to reacquaint themselves with their heritage. They visit Italy yearly in record numbers, take Italian classes and pass down recipes unaltered from one generation to the next.

The opportunity to obtain Italian dual citizenship presents for today's Italian Americans a real possibility of closing the circle started so many ages ago. ​As an Italian American dual citizen, I understand the desire to reconnect with Italy. Beyond the sentimental aspects of holding a passport, obtaining Italian dual citizenship also presents very real advantages: unencumbered travel throughout the EU, better employment prospects, affordable education and healthcare, further protection abroad, and the ability to pass on the incredible legacy of Italian heritage to their children.

Today, Get Italian Citizenship has grown and my extensive contacts throughout Italy have made my services even more cost- and time-efficient. Now, instead of operating alone with a laptop and a goal of helping people obtain Italian dual citizenship, I count on the assistance of trusted genealogical, legal and hospitality consultants. But one thing remains the same: honest, excellent consulting and services for all those seeking to rediscover their Italian roots.

What our customers say

  • Joseph Cama
    I have used Audra several times in the recent past. I can attest to the fact that she does very accurate translations, often at the last moment when you need the translation quickly. I used her translations for all of my recent work obtaining passports and also for citizenship by birth of my grandchild. When I presented these documents to the Philadelphia Consulate, they were accepted without question. Her work is of the highest quality.
    Joseph Cama
  • Amanda Salerno
    Audra helped me apply in Italy when I was living there for school in 2012. I didn't even know applying there was a possibility so it was a pleasant surprise! Today I have my passport in hand thanks to her.
    Amanda Salerno
  • Meredith Gaffney
    I always knew I wanted to apply for Italian dual citizenship in Italy but wasn't sure if I could skip the consulate, or even how to do it. With Audra and Alessandro's help, I was able to apply and then 3 months later I became a citizen. Thank you so much!
    Meredith Gaffney
  • Jim Mancino
    Audra helped me obtain my Italian dual citizenship and was essential in guiding me every step of the way. Because of her, I successfully compiled my application at the Chicago consulate. Other service providers wanted to charge almost double for less than half of what she did. She really went out of her way for me.
    Jim Mancino
  • Glenn Pape
    Audra responded to my request for translations relating to my application for Italian citizenship immediately and produced the translations very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to use her services again.
    Glenn Pape
  • Brant Bommarito
    ​"Working with Audra was great! She was very fast. I needed the translations for citizenship and there was absolutely no issues at the consulate."
    Brant Bommarito
  • Matthew Morris
    Just received my Italian Passport! Audra was a great help along the way offering advice and encouragement along the way. Cannot be more enthusiastic about this great service she runs!
    Matthew Morris
  • Lydia Fazio Theys
    I'm dropping in to thank Audra and Alessandro for the wonderful experience we had in filing for our dual citizenship. We are waiting now only for the NY Consulate to verify that my grandfather did not renounce his citizenship. We scheduled two weeks in Italy, but to our surprise, we found ourselves done in 5 days! Everyone was as nice as could be and although I am now back home, I am still finding it hard to believe it went so quickly. And no consulate hassles! Wow! This is a service that delivers what it promises.
    Lydia Fazio Theys
  • Dennis Whipple
    I had the best experience of my life applying in Italy with the help of Audra and Alessandro. I cannot rate their services high enough, and would recommend them to anyone. When I first went in, I had no idea what to expect but my expectations were far exceeded. Perfetto!
    Dennis Whipple

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