Discover your Italian story.

Did you know that you may already be an Italian citizen and not know it? That's right! Italy has extremely favorable laws towards those of Italian descent, allowing you to obtain an Italian passport.

Applying for recognition of Italian dual citizenship is as easy as:

Finding out if you qualify

Gathering the necessary documents

Applying at a consulate or in Italy


The Italian Dual Citizenship Experts

Obtaining Italian dual citizenship is easy and painless with the help of Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. With over 10 years of experience, we've helped more than 1,000 clients in the U.S. and abroad have their Italian dual citizenship recognized.

We offer many services tailored to your unique family circumstances and goals for obtaining your Italian passport.

Multilingual Staff

We can communicate in English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Our staff is able to handle requests by people of Italian descent from many places around the world.

We're Experienced

Get Italian Citizenship has been in business and helping people obtain Italian dual citizenship since 2005. We know this industry like the backs of our hand and love what we do.

For Us, It's Personal

The owner and operator of Get Italian Citizenship is herself an Italian-U.S. dual national. We're incredibly passionate about what we do and it's our pleasure to help our clients.

A Team of Pros

We're staffed by experts on Italian citizenship law, translation, genealogy, and hospitality to make your experience in obtaining Italian dual citizenship memorable.

Get Italian Citizenship in Just 3 Simple Steps

We've streamlined the process of getting Italian citizenship to just 3 easy steps.

how to get Italian dual citizenship

Find Out if You Qualify

Finding out if you qualify for recognition of dual Italian citizenship couldn't be any easier. You must remember just four basic rules. We'll walk you through all of them just to be sure.

how to get an Italian passport

Gather Your Documents

Our company can help you figure out what documents you'll need for your Italian dual citizenship application. We can also gather them all for you, too. Couldn't be easier!

Italian citizenship jure sanguinis

Apply for Recognition

You can apply at your local Italian consulate or directly in Italy. Get Italian Citizenship offers an easy, no-fuss solution to apply in Italy and skip long consular wait times.

How we can help you

Founded in 2005, Get Italian Citizenship helps people of Italian descent obtain Italian dual citizenship jure sanguinis. Owned and operated by a dual U.S.-Italian citizen and staffed with experts in Italian citizenship law, genealogy, translations and hospitality, we aim to provide the very best in Italian dual citizenship consulting services.

Our experts are able to procure documents from Italy or from the United States for the purposes of compiling your application, and we can also translate documents into and out of Italian, answer questions about eligibility and even help you find long lost Italian relatives.

We can look over your documents to make sure they comply with Italian law for use at a consular application. Additionally, we can compile a full application on your behalf for use at your consulate or in Italy.

We are reliable

We are accurate

We are service-oriented

how to get an Italian passport
Best Italian dual citizenship service provider

Italian dual citizenship... streamlined

There are long wait times when applying for Italian dual citizenship at your local consulates in the United States. However, we've pioneered a way to shave some of that wait time off your application.

Our most popular service allows our clients to completely skip lengthy wait times at Italian Consulates in the U.S. and go straight to Italy where they can apply for Italian dual citizenship there. To date, we've helped hundreds of clients obtain their Italian passports in this manner.

We're immensely proud to serve the Italian American community and strive to assist everyone we can in achieving their dream of obtaining an Italian passport.

Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

It's Forever

You can pass on your Italian dual citizenship to your children. In turn, they can pass it on to their children! Italian dual citizenship lasts and doesn't lapse.

Honoring Your Heritage

There is no better way to honor your Italian heritage. Applying for recognition of your Italian dual citizenship means your family's history comes full circle.

A Path to the EU

An Italian passport is a European passport! This means you can live, work, and study freely within the European Union like all other European citizens.

Affordable Healthcare

As an Italian citizen, you would be entitled (and have access to) some of the world's best and most affordable healthcare. We think that's a win-win.

No More Student Loans!

With an Italian passport, you or your children can study in Europe at affordable European tuition rates. Say goodbye to pricey student loans forever!

Employers Love It

As a dual citizen, your resume will stand out. Employers also won't need to sponsor you when seeking jobs abroad. Less red tape = more opportunity.

Get Italian Citizenship is a owned and operated by an Italian dual citizen. We pride ourselves on our personal, warm touch. Welcome to our famiglia!

Document Retrieval

We offer a wide range of document retrieval services, from obtaining single vital records all the way to putting together a completed Italian dual citizenship application.

Italian Translations

Get Italian Citizenship can provide you with translations to and from Italian for your Italian dual citizenship application. All translations are formatted to look exactly like the originals. Super easy!

Application Assistance

We can look over your application to make sure it's compliant with Italian law. Or, we can do the heavy lifting for you and compile a completed application for presenting at a consulate or in Italy.

Discover your Italian story. Obtain your Italian passport today!