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Proudly providing Italian citizenship services since 2005.
We are an Italian dual citizenship service provider. Our company helps clients all around the world obtain Italian citizenship by descent.
Colorful Italian Houses On A Canal In Murano
Colorful Italian Houses On A Canal In Murano

Since 2005, we've helped hundreds of happy clients obtain Italian dual citizenship.

Beautiful Old Stately Buildings Along The Canal In Venice Italy

You can hire us to help compile a completed application for use at your consulate.

Rolling Tuscan Hills In The Sunlight

We specialize in helping people apply directly in Italy for Italian dual citizenship.

For over a decade, we’ve specialized in Italian citizenship jure sanguinis. Our company can help you trace your Italian ancestry, obtain necessary vital records, or even help you apply in Italy.

Learn about qualifying

You can get Italian dual citizenship either through your mom’s side or your dad’s side. Also, there are no generational limits as long as you qualify. We can help you determine your best path to qualification and the steps to take to to ensure a successful application.

Hire an expert

You can hire our company to compile as little as just one document or a whole suite of vital records, translations, and legalizations. This way, you can rest assured that your Italian dual citizenship application is perfectly completed to professional standards.

Apply in Italy

Skip the long consular wait times for recognition of Italian citizenship by descent. Hire us to compile a completed suite of documents and help you apply on the ground in Italy. We’ll walk you through the whole process and even include accommodations!

Obtain an Italian dual passport

About Us

We are an Italian dual citizenship service provider. Therefore, if it has to do with getting Italian citizenship, we can help!

Owned and operated by a dual U.S./Italian citizen, we’ve been helping clients obtain Italian citizenship jure sanguinis (aka Italian citizenship by descent) since 2005. As such, this is our full time and only job.

The number #1 resource for all things dual citizenship

We believe in informing our clients as best we can. So, even if you don’t choose our services, we hope that you come away from our website with the tools you’ll need for a successful application.

We proudly serve people of Italian descent around the world and share your passion for returning to your roots!

What is Italian dual citizenship?

Put simply, it means having an Italian passport in addition to your native citizenship.

Italian citizenship is passed down from parent to child. There is no limit to how many generations it gets passed down. As long as your last Italian-born ancestor passed Italian citizenship to his child, it gets passed down forever.

Additionally, each generation does not have to be formally recognized as Italian citizens before being able to pass it on to the next. That means that as long as you have even one Italian-born ancestor who passed on citizenship to his or her child born outside Italy, you may qualify.

Why get Italian dual citizenship?
  • Access to the European Union
  • Better employment prospects
  • A real way to honor your heritage
  • Access to affordable education
  • Protection from two countries
  • Access to affordable healthcare
  • Less bureaucracy if you move to Italy
  • A gift you can pass on to your children
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