Quick Start

Determine eligibility fast and easy with our Quick Start package

Italian dual citizenshipIf you are not sure whether you qualify for Italian dual citizenship and want to find out, purchase our Quick Start package.

Simply contact us, choose the Italian ancestor you wish to investigate, fill out our form to the best of your ability, make payment and we’ll get to work.

If we determine you are eligible, you can then move on to our full service package. If you are not eligible, repeat the Quick Start package with another ancestor. We’ll keep working until you are eligible or until we’ve exhausted all options.

All Quick Start packages contain:

  • Certified government copies of your ancestor’s USCIS and NARA naturalization records
  • Proof your ancestor did not naturalize (if no naturalization can be found)
  • Translation of your ancestor’s naturalization records into Italian
  • A personalized plan and quote for your Italian dual citizenship
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