How to Obtain Italian Dual Citizenship

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How to Obtain Italian Dual Citizenship

The famous Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi, once said, “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

Anyone who’s ever visited the incredible Mediterranean country probably feels the same way, but the feeling tends to be especially strong for those who can trace ancestry back to Bel Paese, “the beautiful country.”

Fortunately, many Americans can successfully apply for Italian dual citizenship, creating a permanent residency with this incredible place. In fact, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. has helped more than 200 people and families achieve dual citizenship since 2005.

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The Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

Of course, you may be wondering why anyone would go through the process of applying for Italian dual citizenship in the first place, especially if they’re perfectly happy right here in America. Why not simply visit at your leisure? Is it really so much better to become a dual citizen?

In short, sì!

While it would be impossible to list every reason it’s worth the process, here are five absolutely incredible benefits you’ll enjoy after receiving Italian dual citizenship:

  • World-Class Universal Healthcare: According to Bloomberg and many other publications, Italy is the healthiest country in the world, which should come as no surprise considering the World Health Organization ranks Italy’s healthcare system as the second-best on the planet. Once you obtain Italian dual citizenship, you’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing you and your family have access to this world-renowned healthcare system, which is either free or incredibly affordable depending on your income.
  • Affordable Education Throughout All of Europe: Does the prospect of paying for your children’s college tuition keep you up at night? As a citizen of Italy, your children can apply to any of the roughly 90 universities there. However, they will also have the opportunity to apply to any university throughout the entire European Union. Best of all, most are publicly funded or carry extremely low price tags compared to the options on this side of the Atlantic.
  • Job Opportunities All Over Europe: Similarly, your dual citizenship means you can apply for jobs in Italy, which is quite the advantage as competition continues to heat up here in the States. Again, this access is good throughout the European Union, too. Imagine knowing that if your job is at risk here, you could look for opportunities in 28 other countries.
  • Live Anywhere in the EU as Long as You Like: With a U.S. passport, you can live anywhere in the European Union…for 90 days. Then, you have to go back home. With Italian dual citizenship, you never need to worry about obtaining a visa or limiting your travels anywhere in the EU. Explore all of these countries on your own timetable knowing you don’t have to go through the frustrating process of leaving and re-entering every 90 days.
  • Pass on the Gift to Your Children: Once you’ve established yourself as a recognized dual citizen, you’ll be able to pass the gift down to your children. They, in turn, will be able to do the same to and so on. It’s a gift you can give to all the generations that come after you.

Best of all, considering all of these benefits – including that you’ll ensure the advantages for generations to come – becoming a dual citizen is relatively affordable. Once it’s done, your citizenship is as good as any other Italian’s, and you never need to reapply again.

How to Obtain Italian Citizenship Through “Jure Sanguinis”

Unfortunately, being madly in love with this beautiful country is not good enough for receiving citizenship here. Instead, it’s only available to those of Italian lineage.

“Jure sanguinis” is Italian for “by law of the bloodline”, which refers to the most common way people are able to achieve Italian dual citizenship. Simply put, the rule is that dual citizenship is open to you if you can prove that you are the direct descendant of an Italian citizen.

There are a few other stipulations, though.

First, your Italian-born ancestor must have been alive on or after March 17th, 1861. That’s when the current country of Italy came into existence. So, if they lived in Rome for their entire lives but passed away before the country’s formal formation on March 17th, 1861, that relative will not grant you dual citizenship via jure sanguinis.

Second, if someone in your lineage became a U.S. citizen – thus giving up their Italian citizenship – that’s fine, so long as that individual’s son or daughter was born before that happened. Basically, you can only hand off your Italian citizenship to your child while you still have it. So, if your grandfather was an Italian citizen but emigrated to the U.S. and forfeited it in order to become a citizen here and then had your father, you can’t cite your grandfather on your dual-citizenship application.

Third, if your ancestor naturalized before July 1, 1912, that would cut off your line completely and you must use a different relative to qualify. There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • If your Italian ancestor naturalized by the time his/her child was no longer a minor (age 21 until March 10, 1975 and age 18 thereafter), then you may still qualify;
  • If your Italian ancestor naturalized in the U.S. but his or her child was still living in Italy, you may still qualify.

Fourth, Italian citizenship through jure sanguinis has different rules based on the sexes. For the paternal line, you can go all the way back to March 17th, 1861 in order to find an ancestor who was an Italian citizen. Whether it’s your father or your father’s father’s father’s father who was an Italian citizen, it still counts.

Through the maternal line, the Italian citizenry must show up after January 1948. If it goes back further than that, your claim won’t be any good for Italian dual citizenship.

In either case, once the lineage is broken, your claim is gone. Going back to our earlier example, if your grandfather gave up his citizenship before having your parent, you can’t apply for dual citizenship based on your great grandfather.

The Italian Dual Citizenship Loophole That Most Americans Don’t Know About

Now, there is one interesting loophole that’s worth noting because many people are probably eligible for dual citizenship and don’t even know about it.

If your father became the citizen of another country (e.g. the U.S.) before your birth, you’re not out of luck. That’s because, before April 21, 1983, the Italian government automatically granted citizenship to any woman who married an Italian man.

So, even though your male relative may have become an American citizen at some point, so long as he and his wife married before April 21, 1983, she could actually be your ticket to dual citizenship even if she isn’t actually Italian by birth.

Finally, whether the relative is male or female, none of these rules apply if they gave up Italian citizenship before July 1, 1912.

Start Your Path Toward Italian Dual Citizenship Today

As you can see, Italy has made the path toward becoming a dual citizen relatively clear. It’s the amount of work involved with documenting one’s lineage that tends to keep people from moving forward toward this amazing goal.

That’s where Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. comes in.

At Get Italian Citizenship, Inc., the Italian-speaking staff has no problem conducting all of the necessary genealogical research. The staff can even put together your entire application to be used at either your local Italian consulate or in the actual country. In fact, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. is the only American company providing Italian dual citizenship that has done so right in Italy. None of the company’s competitors can say the same.

This has become a very popular option for many clients because it means skipping the extremely long wait times involved with consulates. You could easily wait 10 years before ever getting an appointment.

If you’d like to apply right in Italy, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. even goes the extra mile to help you with accommodations, interpreting for you at the actual meeting, and anything else you might need. This is a specialty, and it’s one the company is proud to offer those who love Italy as much as we do.

Are you ready to start the process toward dual citizenship, so you and your family can enjoy all of the amazing benefits Italy has to offer? If so, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. would love to hear from you. Please contact us today to learn more about our process and have all of your questions answered.

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