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Apply for Italian dual citizenship

at a consulate

Hire us to compile a consular application for you if you can’t make it to Italy.

We’ll put together a full packet of documents for your big day. This includes everything you will need to show up prepared. Your application will have all the vital records you’ll need plus translations and legalizations.

Discounts available for family members applying at the same time.

Full service consular application packages

Save time with our worry-free consular application packages.

Now you can hire us to put together a completed application for you to present at your consulate. Simply contact us to get started. We’ll have a consultation to figure out your eligibility and consular requirements. Then, fill out our handy genealogical chart and send over a few authorizations allowing us to obtain documents for you.

Sit back and relax as we get to work contacting the relevant cities, counties, and states on your behalf.

Our expert team will put together all the birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records you need for a completed application. We’ll also provide legalizations and translate your records into Italian.


We’ll discuss the specifics of your case and your paths to qualifying.

Gather Docs

We’ll gather a full set of Italian and American documents plus translations and legalizations.


Come to Italy where one of our experts will walk you through the process. Accommodations included!

Get Recognized

Once you’re recognized, we’ll follow up with you and help you get a passport and enroll in A.I.R.E.

How to apply for Italian dual citizenship at a consulate?

What's included in your consular applications?

  • A full set of birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records according to the specifications of your consulate
  • Amendments to your documents made without a court order, if applicable and/or possible
  • Translation of your non-Italian documents into Italian
  • Legalizations (apostilles) of your non-Italian documents for legal use in Italy
  • Forms 1-4 for you to fill out before or during your Italian dual citizenship application

What if I need a court order to obtain documents?

New York has some of the strictest laws in the country regarding vital records.

In New York State (outside of the 5 boroughs of NYC), applicants need a court order to obtain the birth certificate of deceased persons. Even if the person whose birth certificate you need is a parent, you will need a court order. The only exception to this rule is a parent obtaining a birth certificate for a deceased child; in these cases, a parent can obtain a record without a court order.

When a court order is needed, an applicant must sue New York State to unseal the record. This is known as an Article 78 petition. Essentially, you must ask the court to overturn a New York State administrative agency’s decision regarding how the original record is sealed.

If you need a court order to obtain a birth record in New York State, we will immediately let you know. Our firm can assist you in obtaining one. We have helped dozens of clients unseal records in New York State.

What if I need a court order to amend documents?

Due to the age of documents involved and the number of generations passed, it’s inevitable that some documents will contain discrepancies.


There are usually two types of discrepancies:

  • “Anglicized” spellings of names

  • Major discrepancies

Anglicized spellings

Consulates will usually be more lenient on these discrepancies. For example, if your grandfather was named Giovanni but used the name John in America with all other information (last name, date of birth, spouse’s name, etc.) being the same, the consulate may let this slide.


Major discrepancies

Things like going from Giovanni to Harold, having different birth dates, places, spouse’s names, etc. will ring alarm bells for a consulate. Even if the discrepancies truly refer to the same person, it is plausible that they could also be two separate people.


In these cases, it is likely that the consulate will require you to amend the documents. Depending on the state of issue, you may be able to amend them or add aliases without a court order. In other states, court orders may be needed.


A court order to amend records is colloqually called an order of “One and the Same Person.” In such case, an applicant can use all known vital records as evidence and ask a court to declare they all refer to the same person. All discrepancies at once can be cured with this court order.


If you need an order of One and the Same Person, we will let you know. Our firm has helped dozens of clients obtain one.

Are there any guarantees?

We guarantee to put together a completed list of documents according to your consulate’s specifications. This includes all vital records, legalizations, and translations.

Because the final decision on your citizenship rests with the Italian government, we cannot guarantee results.

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