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About Get Italian Citizenship, Inc.

What if I told you I was once in your position?

15 years ago, we started out as a small one-woman operation. Before I ever founded Get Italian Citizenship, Inc., I began the journey towards getting my own Italian dual citizenship. However, the information I needed was few and far between. So I did the next best thing: I became an expert on the subject.

I read everything I could find on Italian dual citizenship: laws, circolari, and information from consulates. All the while piecing together my own application, of course. Finally, the time came for the big day. The appointment with the New York Consulate.

All the studying, digging up information, helping friends and family with applications of their own was about to pay off…

But, true to form, the consulate rejected my application over a single misspelled word. All that time and effort shot down over a one letter name discrepancy! I couldn’t believe it.

It was time to take a different route. This time, I took all the pieces of my application I’d painstakingly gathered, and I resolved to apply directly in Italy. The rest is history. My application was accepted immediately and citizenship granted in 2 months and 21 days. Soon after, Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. as we know it today was born. Over the past 15 years, we’ve grown and now our staff of experts includes hospitality professionals, Italian lawyers, genealogists, and translators. Since 2005, we’ve fine-tuned our expertise and our company has become one of the most trusted Italian dual citizenship service providers.

Italian translations, document retrieval, full service Italian
dual citizenship packages, genealogical research, and more.

In 2005, I founded Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. with a genuine passion to help others avoid the mistakes, wait times, and years of study I’d gone through.

Ever since, we’ve grown to partner with a team of expert Italian lawyers, dedicated genealogists, native Italian translators, and hospitality professionals.Above all, we’ve been providing the most accurate, reliable and current information on Italian dual citizenship for 15 years.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients obtain Italian passports. Will you be next?

Hundreds of clients helped since 2005.

Our 15 years of experience means we’re doing something right! You can trust us to see your Italian dual citizenship application to the finish line.