Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

Composer Giuseppe Verdi may have said it best: "avrai tu l’universo, resti l’Italia a me." You may have the universe if I may have Italy. For those seeking to return to their Italian roots, there is no better way of reclaiming their heritage than becoming an actual Italian citizen and a holder of the coveted red passaporto.

​But did you know that having a European Union passport has real, quantifiable benefits? In today's globalized world, holding two passports is more advantageous than ever, especially since Italy no longer has mandatory military service. Here are 9 real reasons why obtaining an Italian passport might be more than just a romantic idea:

A Generational Gift

Italian dual citizenship can be passed down generation to generation without limit. This means you can pass it along to your children, and they to their children without limit. A true gift.

Added Protection

As a national of the United States and Italy, you will be protected by two consulates when abroad. You can appeal to two governments for assistance rather than just one.

Affordable Healthcare

Italy has some of the world's best and most affordable healthcare available. As an Italian citizen, you will enjoy a world class healthcare system that is considerably more affordable than that of the United States.

Ease of Travel

You can travel to countries where travel is restricted as an American. Also, countries which are hostile to Americans will see you as an Italian if you present your Italian passport when traveling.

Affordable Education

Italian citizens are entitled to very low tuition rates that apply to European Union citizens. This means that you or your children can go to college in Italy (or the EU) with minimal to no student loans.

Less Bureaucracy

As an Italian citizen, everything you do in Italy will be easier. From buying a house to obtaining residency and getting health insurance, your passport will make things much easier!

Employment Prospects

Employers will look upon your resume favorably. Having two citizenships will make your candidacy stand out in the pile. Also, employers will be glad that you don't need costly and time-consuming visa processing.

Honoring Your Heritage

There is no better way of memorializing and honoring your Italian heritage than obtaining an Italian passport. Recognizing your Italian citizenship means your family comes full circle.

Access to the EU

Italian citizens are also full-fledged European citizens. This means that as an Italian citizen, you can live, work, and study in the European Union without restriction.

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