Italian dual citizenship resources

Where to request U.S. vital records

Where to request American birth, marriage and death certificates

Not sure where to request American birth, marriage and death certificates? Not to worry! This link from the National Center for Health Statistics has a list of every state and where to write or order vital records in each.
10 tips for researching your family history

Where to start researching your family history

Before you can find out if you are eligible for Italian dual citizenship, you'll need to have a basic knowledge of your family history and also about the general date in which your last Italian born ancestor came to the U.S. If you don't know this information but want to delve more into your family history, this website is an excellent start. This website has compiled an excellent list of 10 tips for starting your family history research..
How to obtain naturalization records for Italian dual citizenship

Where to request naturalization documents

When applying either at a consulate or directly in Italy, you will need to show when your ancestor naturalized or proof that there was no naturalization. Currently, there are three places to request naturalization records.

USCIS keeps copies of the actual naturalization records (the one with the picture of your ancestor on them). These are requested by the consulates.

NARA keeps the "packet" of documents regarding your ancestor both before and after s/he naturalized including the declaration, petition, and oath, etc. They also may include the date of naturalization, and are suitable for use applying in Italy. Normally, consulates will not accept NARA records and prefer USCIS ones..

When in doubt, you can also try looking for naturalization records at the county clerk's office of the county in which your ancestor may have naturalized.

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