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Stuff You'll Need to Know for Italian Dual Citizenship

How to Qualify

Click the button below to find out more about Italian citizenship laws and jure sanguinis in general. The page will tell you the general background rules as well as how to figure out if you qualify.

Finding Your Consulate

The button below brings you to a page that tells you all about the Italian consulates. When you apply for Italian citizenship, you must go to the consulate with jurisdiction over where you live.

Benefits of Dual Citizenship

If you want to find out more about the benefits of having Italian dual citizenship, please click the button below. This page lists 9 key reasons why we think having an Italian passport is an excellent idea.

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How to find your ancestor’s records for Italian dual citizenship

Once you determine you are eligible for Italian dual citizenship, you’ll need to start gathering your documents. Gathering your American records should be easy, but what if you need Italian records and don’t speak Italian? Or what if you don’t even know where to look? Here are my best professional tips for tracking down Italian records for Italian dual citizenship.

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How to get Italian citizenship

So, you want Italian citizenship but aren’t sure how to get it? Read on to find out more how you can obtain an Italian passport.

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Do I qualify for Italian dual citizenship?

Do I qualify for Italian dual citizenship? There are over 15.7 million people in the United States who identify as Italian American. That makes up nearly 6% of the U.S. population. Italian Americans are the nation’s fourth largest European ancestry group after Germans, Irish, and English. And many of us qualify for Italian dual citizenship!…

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Decreto Salvini: What You Need to Know

The New Decreto Salvini: What You Need to Know A lot of talk has been said lately about the new Salvini Decree (Decreto Salvini), but many people don’t know who he is or what it’s about. This blog post will hopefully clear up a few things! Who is Matteo Salvini? He is an Italian politician,…

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How long does it take to get Italian dual citizenship?

Italian dual citizenship: how long does it take to get your Italian passport? When it comes to getting your Italian dual citizenship, the hardest part is definitely not what you’d expect. Sure, there’s also the fact that you have to gather relevant birth, marriage, and death certificates to prove you’re descended from an eligible Italian…

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3 Ways to Get Italian Citizenship

3 Ways to Get Italian Citizenship Ciao a tutti! Today, we’re going to talk about 3 ways to get Italian citizenship. These are not the only ways to obtain an Italian passport, but they’re usually the easiest (with the word “easy” being relative… Italy did invent bureaucracy, after all!). They are: Marry an Italian citizen Naturalize as…

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The Italian dual citizenship process

The Italian Dual Citizenship Process: Background Info Italian citizenship laws are based on the principle of jure sanguinis. In fact, in this industry the terms “Italian dual citizenship” and “Italian citizenship jure sanguinis” are interchangeable. Jure sanguinis is a Latin term meaning “by right of blood.” In Italy, citizenship is passed down from parent to child.…

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How much does it cost to get Italian dual citizenship?

The short answer? It depends! The cost for obtaining Italian dual citizenship varies greatly depending on the number of generations between you and your last Italian-born ancestor. This is because the more generations you go back, the more documents, certifications and translations you need to obtain. Here is an outline of the general costs that…

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Are there drawbacks to obtaining Italian dual citizenship?

Ciao a tutti! If this is your first time on this blog, please allow me to introduce myself: I am an Italian/U.S. dual citizen and the owner and operator of Get Italian Citizenship, Inc., an Italian dual citizenship consulting company. With this blog post, I hope to dispel some rumors about obtaining Italian dual citizenship…

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