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How To Win The Race And Get Italian Dual Citizenship Faster

How to win the race and get Italian dual citizenship faster

Italy is beautiful.

Part of the allure of the Italian lifestyle is that in Italy, people take things slowly. We sip prosecco slowly, we enjoy the slow food movement, and we live the dolce vita. In Italy, things take time and are a labor of love. That’s a truly wonderful thing!

But when it comes to bureaucracy, it makes you want to scream.

Italian bureaucracy is legendarily slow, and Italian dual citizenship applications are no exception. Picture it: it took you a long time to gather everything you need for your Italian dual citizenship application. You’re ready to go, confident you have everything you need. But you log into your consulate’s website to get an appointment at your consulate and your heart sinks. There are no open slots for 5+ years!

So, what are you to do?

First of all, don’t panic. If you absolutely need to go through your consulate, time will pass anyway and it’s better to have an appointment than not.

Second, if you absolutely can’t wait… did you know there are 3 ways to speed up your Italian dual citizenship application?

All three of these options present an opportunity to cut down on your wait time, depending on your situation. Here they are:

Option 1: Exchange appointments

Our Italian dual citizenship Facebook group has 800+ members. Many applicants will offer to exchange their appointments for a later date, for example if they need a last minute document they haven’t yet received. You may find an interesting offer for an earlier appointment. You and your partner can agree to log in to the appointment system at the same time and switch. It’s very easy!

Option 2. Get a court order

When a consulate is taking too long, you’re entitled to obtain Italian dual citizenship by a court order.

According to Italian law, the consulate has 2 years to process your application. If you receive an appointment more than 2 years in advance, you can take your grievance to court. This is a breach of Italian regulations on administrative proceedings and of the right to obtain Italian dual citizezenship jure sanguinis.

We can assist you as soon as you obtain your appointment and have your documents ready. It involves presenting a plea (along with your documents) to the Tribunal in Rome.

Option 3. Apply in Italy

I’m biased, but this is my favorite suggestion! I myself applied in Italy just about a decade ago and it was the best experience of my life.

The application process in Italy usually takes about 90 days, but may take longer depending on certain factors. It sounds easy, but remember that until your citizenship is registered, the law still regards you as a foreign national in Italy.

In order to apply in Italy, you must first be a resident of Italy. This involves finding a suitable comune, a place to stay, and being there for at least 45 days (the time needed to verify your residence by law).

Once that happens, you are then free to hand in your vital records. Our firm can assist you throughout the entire process. Applying in Italy is perfect for those who:

  • want to move to Italy anyway and can “kill two birds with one stone”
  • are able to spend at least 90 days in Italy
  • are already living in Italy and want their citizenship
  • retirees looking to enjoy their retirement and get Italian dual citizenship at the same time

How do these options work for you?

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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