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How To Get An Appointment For Italian Dual Citizenship

How to get an appointment for Italian dual citizenship

For many people, figuring out how to get an appointment for Italian dual citizenship is the hardest part of the entire jure sanguinis process. There are some tips and tricks you can remember in order to snag one when it becomes available.

First—How many consulates are there?

In the U.S., there 9 consulates and 1 embassy. They are:






Los Angeles


New Y ork

San Francisco

Washington (Embassy)

How the Prenota system works

Italian consulates used to use a horrible, slow (an expensive) system called AbTran to book appointments where you had to call in and speak to a customer service representative.

Now they use “Prenota.” Prenota is a free online portal where applicants can sign up and select appointments. Each consulate asks for different information when you sign up, so you must sign up on the Prenota system for your specific consulate. Once you sign up for Prenota, you will see a booking calendar with all available dates.

Important: Make sure that when you are signing up for Prenota, you choose the correct type of appointment. For example, if you make a visa appointment but show up for citizenship, the consulate will most likely tell you to leave.

First tip: Grab any appointment

Let’s assume you grab an appointment even two or three years out. Something is better than nothing! Keep this appointment for now.

Second tip: create a second Prenota account

Create a second Prenota account using a different e-mail address. You can use the same name, address, and other information. Only the e-mail address has to be different.

For this, you can do the “period trick” in Gmail. For example, if [email protected] is your e-mail address, you can type in [email protected] for your second Prenota account. ThePrenota system will see this as a different account, but Gmail views [email protected] [email protected] as the same account. All e-mails meant for [email protected] will be sent to [email protected] and vice versa.

Third tip: watch every 15 minutes

Use your second account to log into Prenota. Navigate to the calendar and pick a month—let’s say February. The software will auto log you out every 15 minutes if you are idle.

At any point during the 15 minutes, go through the motions to get to the calendar screen. It usually takes three clicks—one on “Make your reservation,” then “Citizenship,” and then “Confirm.”

Two important things:

If anyone cancels an appointment, it goes up for grabs the exact second they cancel it

After three clicks, the calendar auto-adjusts back to the first available appointmentEvery 1, 5, or however minutes, make 3 clicks. If it again shows the same month (February), then nobody cancelled in those last couple minutes. But if it shows a different month—say, March—then that means someone canceled their appointment.Grab that appointment!This is why you need the second Prenota account: the system will not allow a person with the same e-mail address to have two appointments. If you tried grabbing something in February but still have March, you won’t be allowed. You’d first have to cancel your old appointment and by then, the new one could be gone.

Fourth tip: see if anyone wants your appointment

If you feel this group has given you good advice, you can always see if anyone in it wants your appointment. You can arrange with someone to be online at the same time so they can see your appointment as soon as it is open.

Fifth tip: just stay online for an hour or two and keep clicking

Sometimes people get close to their appointments, realize they won’t be ready, and cancel. You can snag a last minute appointment this way.If you are at home from work (or even at work—I won’t tell!) and are online, you can keep the Prenota tab open and just keep doing those three clicks every couple of minutes until you see an appointment.

Now I want to hear from you: when did you figure out how to get an appointment for Italian dual citizenship? Was it difficult? Sound off in the comments below!

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