Italian Dual Citizenship Expert Consultation

Do you have a few questions about Italian dual citizenship and want to speak to an expert? 

Call us for a no obligation chat! We'll spend as much time you need on the phone and discuss:

  • How to discover if you qualify;

  • How much the process costs;

  • How long the process takes;

  • What happens if you don't qualify for Italian dual citizenship;

  • How to find your ancestor's naturalization records;

  • What the difference is between applying in Italy vs. at your consulate;

  • What you can expect at your application and after; and

  • Anything else you want to know!

After the call, we'll follow up with a recap of what we've discussed on the phone.

We'll include a few options for you going forward. Should you decide to use our services in the future, we'll deduct the price of the call from our service fees.

About Your Expert:

Audra de Falco is owner and operator of Get Italian Citizenship, Inc. An expert in all things Italian dual citizenship, she has been a citizen of Italy since 2008 after applying first-hand in Reggio Emilia, becoming one of the pioneers of the "direct to Italy" application. She has worked as an Italian translator since 2003, and as an Italian dual citizenship consultant since 2005.

She is familiar with U.S. and Italian laws,  holding a B.A. in Jurisprudence and an M.S. in Law and Public Policy. Her company has helped hundreds of clients become Italian citizens!

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