1 Hour Consultation

Do you want to apply for Italian dual citizenship but don't know where to start?

... Then let's have a 1 hour consultation!

I am an Italian/U.S. dual citizen, Italian translator, and expert Italian dual citizenship consultant. I've been working with clients seeking Italian dual citizenship since 2003, and have helped hundreds of people obtain their shiny red Italian passports.

I can help you to determine:

- If you qualify
- Where you'll need to apply
- The best place to apply given your situation
- How to obtain records, legalizations and apostilles
- How to get your documents translated into Italian
- How to beat the "1948" rule
- How to beat long consular wait times without going to Italy to apply
- Alternatives for obtaining Italian dual citizenship if you don't qualify

I will spend one hour on the phone with you painstakingly going over the details of your case. Together, we'll discover if you have a solid case for Italian dual citizenship and how best to obtain it. We'll determine the easiest route to qualification, and you'll be armed with empowering new knowledge about how to get your Italian dual citizenship. Andiamo!
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