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Italian dual citizenship consular applications
Italian Consulate Citizenship Application

Consulate Italian dual citizenship applications

Sometimes, you live in the U.S. and can’t go to Italy. Other times, you don’t want to. If that is the case, you can apply at your consulate.

You can’t apply at just any consulate. You must apply at the consulate which covers your local area. Visit the list of Italian consulates in the United States here to see which one is yours.

Each one sets their own specific requirements for Italian dual citizenship applications. To find these requirements, look at your consulate’s website. There should be a dedicated page with a document checklist. Consulate websites also have forms for you to download and present at your application.

Walk-ins are not accepted

Consulates do not take walk-ins for Italian dual citizenship applications. If you have questions, you can e-mail or call. However, they will generally direct you to information found on their website. Sometimes, they will not answer at all. This is frustrating, but understandable. Italian citizenship is only a very small portion of what Italian consulates do. Every day, they are busy helping citizens with a wide variety of issues and emergencies.


This means that every prospective dual Italian citizenship applicant must obtain the necessary genealogical records. When putting the birth, marriage, naturalization, and death records together, the documents must show an unbroken “chain” of citizenship.

Full-service consular application package

Your time is important, and there is enough bureaucracy when gathering documents for Italian dual citizenship to discourage anyone.

That’s why we offer a solution: you can hire us to gather a completed application for Italian dual citizenship!

With our full-service consular application package, you can sit back, relax, and let us do the hard work so you don’t have to.

We will compile a carefully collected packet of all needed documents for you so you can show up fully prepared at your Italian dual citizenship appointment.

Simply contact us and fill out the required forms. We’ll then get to work gathering the necessary birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records for you. Also, we provide the translations and certifications needed to complete it all. Then, we use your information to put together a completed document packet from your last Italian-born ancestor back to you, saving you time and the hassle of tracking down hard to find documents. All you need to do is give us a few authorizations, and we’ll handle everything else.

What’s included:

  • A full set of birth, marriage, death, and naturalization records according to the specifications of your consulate
  • Amendments to your documents made without a court order, if applicable and/or possible
  • Translation of your non-Italian documents into Italian
  • Legalizations (apostilles) of your non-Italian documents for legal use in Italy
  • Forms 1-4 for you to fill out before or during your Italian dual citizenship application

Note that New York State (outside the five boroughs of New York City) requires a court order to obtain birth certificates for deceased individuals. Should you need one, we will discuss further options.

From time to time, a consulate may require that you obtain a court order to remedy serious document discrepancies. We can obtain a pre-emptive court order for an extra fee (known as an order of “one and the same person”) to remedy serious discrepancies on your behalf before your application. Alternatively, you can attend your application and come back to us for the court order if the consulate deems it necessary.

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