Why You Should Get Italian Dual Citizenship

Are there drawbacks to obtaining Italian dual citizenship?
May 8, 2018
How to apply for Italian dual citizenship
How to apply for Italian dual citizenship
June 16, 2018

Why You Should Get Italian Dual Citizenship

As people of Italian descent, we are incredibly lucky.

Not only do we come from a country with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites and arguably the best food, fashion, and design in the world, we also can benefit from some very generous heritage citizenship laws. Don’t believe me? Italy is the only country in the world to offer citizenship to descendants of its diaspora, no matter how many generations ago their ancestors left Italy. As long as you meet a few qualification requirements (discussed here), you can easily obtain an Italian passport.

But why should you obtain Italian dual citizenship? The benefits far outweigh the cons. Here are 5 reasons why obtaining an Italian passport is a good idea:

  1. For one, Italian dual citizenship allows access to the EU at large. As an Italian citizen, you enjoy the same rights as every other EU national. That means you can live, work, and study freely within the confines of the European Union.
  2. Italian dual citizenship can afford you access to very inexpensive (and very good) healthcare. Italian citizens enjoy extremely affordable healthcare. Americans will be surprised to learn that whether underemployed or not employed at all, all Italian citizens have access to the same good public healthcare.
  3. As a European, you can go to college without the crazy student loans. College in Europe is extremely inexpensive when compared to the United States. Many countries like the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and German even offer dozens of undergraduate degrees taught completely in English. Savvy students know that they can use their EU passport for an amazing study experience and minimal student loans.
  4. Employment opportunities abound. Many European economies are thriving. Potential employers will look upon your EU passport favorably because they do not have to sponsor you or deal with any red tape when hiring you.
  5. The protection of two countries when abroad. If you are in trouble abroad, you can turn to two embassies for assistance–the United States and Italy.

There are other benefits of obtaining an Italian passport as well. Your citizenship can be passed on in an unbroken chain to your children (and their children’s children) forever. Also, if you work long enough in Italy you can obtain an Italian pension. Additionally, you are able to vote in Italian elections and may find that purchasing property in Italy is easier, as is doing everything on a day to day basis.

What are some other good reasons for obtaining an Italian passport? Feel free to discuss them in the comments section!


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