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Benefits of Italian dual citizenship

Translations for Italian dual citizenship
Translations for Italian dual citizenship
March 3, 2016
Italian Citizenship FAQ
Italian dual citizenship FAQ
March 3, 2016

Why you should obtain Italian dual citizenship:

Composer Giuseppe Verdi may have said it best: "avrai tu l’universo, resti l’Italia a me." You may have the universe if I may have Italy. For those seeking to return to their Italian roots, there is no better way of reclaiming their heritage than becoming an actual Italian citizen and a holder of the coveted red passaporto.

​But did you know that having a European Union passport has real, quantifiable benefits? In today's globalized world, holding two passports is more advantageous than ever, especially since Italy no longer has mandatory military service. Here are 8 real reasons why obtaining an Italian passport might be more than just a romantic idea:

Citizenship benefits
Italian dual citizenship means you enjoy citizenship advantages of both countries: Italy and the U.S.. You may qualify for pension in both countries, not to mention cheaper healthcare and access to cheaper higher education throughout the entire European Union. As an Italian dual citizen, you would be legally entitled to every single benefit that is made available to the citizens of Italy, including the right to vote in elections as well as to leverage tax shelters and benefits, and seek healthcare not available in the U.S. at affordable costs.
Ease of travel
Italian dual citizenship will allow you to travel, stay and work unrestricted in the E.U. You will never have to worry about a visa ever again and can live in Italy (and within the EU) for as long as you want, completely unrestricted as is your right.
Employment opportunities
European employers or employers sending their workers to Europe for extended periods of time will see your Italian citizenship as an asset. Your passports mean less bureaucratic hassle for them and will be a point in your favor. For entrepreneurs, having Italian citizenship means that going into business within the European Union is also significantly easier than it is for Americans with single citizenship.
Affordable education
Education in Italy is extremely affordable, as is education in much of the E.U. Italian citizenship allows you and your children to study in Italy and pay EU tuition rates within EU universities. This means significant savings.
Hereditary benefits
One of the most basic reasons why Italian dual citizenship is beneficial is the fact that you get to pass it on to your children (and their children and their children's children in perpetuity) in an unbroken line of Italian citizenship. Italian dual citizenship is truly the gift that keeps on giving.
Added protections abroad
If you get in trouble while abroad, you may be allowed to appeal to two embassies or consulates since you are a citizen of two countries. You can also travel to places that are inhospitable to Americans with your Italian passport.
Affordable healthcare
For the uninsured or underinsured, healthcare in the U.S. can be expensive. As an Italian citizen, you are entitled to apply for your tessera sanitaria to receive Italian healthcare which is world class and much more affordable when compared to healthcare in the States.
Purchasing property
Having Italian dual citizenship entitles you to hassle free property renting and buying in Italy. For an Italian citizen, the bureaucracy of home ownership will be significantly pared down.