Apply in Italy for Italian dual citizenship

Get Italian Citizenship was one of the first American service providers to popularize the applying in Italy option for Italian dual citizenship.

In 2008, our owner applied for Italian dual citizenship directly in Italy. Since then, we've been helping people make their dream of living in Italy a reality. Applying for Italian dual citizenship in Italy can be the first step towards the first day of the rest of your life!

A practical choice

Italian dual citizenship comes with a wealth of benefits. From owning property in Italy to affordable education and healthcare as well as the added protection from two countries when traveling abroad, an Italian passport is your ticket to the freedom of the European Union at large. The opportunities afforded by possessing Italian dual citizenship cannot be overstated. But, beyond that an Italian passport is so much more. It means bringing your family's long history full circle. It means holding in your hand the results of your commitment to your heritage. It means a real, quantifiable connection to the land of your ancestors. When you obtain Italian dual citizenship, you are bringing your own family's journey home and unraveling your personal Italian story.

A way to skip the consulate

With wait times of up to 9 years at certain consulates, there is a massive interest in obtaining Italian dual citizenship. Chronically understaffed Italian consulates in the United States are contending with a swell of applicants and less resources now than they had ten years ago.

Recent measures on behalf of the Italian government to implement a 300 euro fee per each applicant via the consulates has done little to quell increasingly long wait times for appointments as well as increasingly difficult requirements. What's more, each consulate works in its own little bubble with its own requirements that vary from time to time (and even from consular worker to consular worker). Applying in Italy takes away the long appointment wait times as well as stringent requirements and subjective requests.

How it works

You can apply for Italian dual citizenship at your consulate or directly in Italy.

Long consular wait times and requirements for unnecessary documents have made applying in Italy an attractive option. Those who apply in Italy find it to be a more easygoing experience requiring fewer documents. Also, Italian officials tend to overlook minor name discrepancies while most consulates do not.

Get in touch

Tell us when you'd like to be in Italy and let us know all the information you can about your family. We'll check availability, go over your eligibility, examine your records, translate them, and make sure you have a complete application ready to be handed in on the ground in Italy.


Arrival & Residency

Once everything is confirmed, we will welcome you to your new home in Italy. Once you're settled, we'll take you to apply for your residency. We'll help you fill out all the necessary forms and make sure your residency is confirmed in a timely manner.


Hand in documents

After your residency has been put into the town's system and you're officially on their register of residents, you can then hand in your documents. We'll sit with you at your appointment where you will show the town officials all of your vital records which have been pre-examined and translated by us.


Wait it out

After everything has been taken care of for you during your stay in Italy, you'll begin the waiting portion for your recognition of Italian dual citizenship. We will work on your behalf with the consulates back home and the comune to process everything as fast as possible.



Expedited Application

Our expedited application includes the following services in one convenient package at one of our network towns:

  • Private accommodations in an authentic Italian town including your own kitchen and bathroom

  • A complete set of documents (vital records) plus legalizations for Italian dual citizenship

  • Italian translations of your American documents for use in Italy

  • Interpreting on your behalf at meetings with Italian officials

  • ​Residency in Italy for your application

  • Assistance in handing in your citizenship application documents at the town hall where you've elected residency

  • Follow up with the Italian comune and Italian consulate on your behalf

  • Assistance in enrolling in A.I.R.E. once you are recognized a citizen

  • Assistance in obtaining your Italian passport and/or Italian identity card after recognition of your Italian citizenship (you may apply at your consulate back home or return to Italy and apply with us for your passport)

Helping Hand Application

This option is best for people who know where they want to apply in Italy, and it's outside one of our network towns. Helping hand applicants have an open-ended date for residing in Italy, but they also get to enjoy the relatively quick processing times in Italy by skipping the consulates. We'll include the following but can also provide a completed set of vital records for your application for an extra fee:

  • Translation of all your documents

  • Interpreting for you at all your meetings, anywhere in Italy

  • Advocating on your behalf, using the appropriate laws and circulars

  • Unlimited contact on your behalf with Italian officials

  • Assistance setting up residency

  • Checking documents for compliance with comune requirements

  • Follow-up until you have your passport

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