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Apply for Italian dual citizenship in Italy

Translations for Italian dual citizenship
Translations for Italian dual citizenship
March 3, 2016

Italian dual citizenship applications in just 2 weeks

Applying for Italian dual citizenship is easy and simple with the assistance of Get Italian Citizenship.


A practical choice

Italian dual citizenship comes with a wealth of benefits. From owning property in Italy to affordable education and healthcare as well as the added protection from two countries when traveling abroad, an Italian passport is your ticket to the freedom of the European Union at large. The opportunities afforded by possessing Italian dual citizenship cannot be overstated. But, beyond that an Italian passport is so much more. It means bringing your family's long history full circle. It means holding in your hand the results of your commitment to your heritage. It means a real, quantifiable connection to the land of your ancestors. When you obtain Italian dual citizenship, you are bringing your own family's journey home and unraveling your personal Italian story.

A way to skip the consulate

With wait times of up to 4 years for an appointment, Italian consulates have seen an unprecedented upswing in the number of jure sanguinis applicants. Why not take advantage of our most popular service and take a 2-week citizenship "vacation"? Applying directly in Italy can save you valuable time and expense, with the added benefit of experiencing firsthand the beauty of your ancestral homeland. Those seeking a hassle-free experience find that applying directly in Italy is an altogether pleasant endeavor. By electing to go right to the source, you'll be able to skip the wait time for an appointment, forget about expensive court orders to amend name discrepancies, and avoid the hassle of dealing with the Italian consulate.


How it works

Italian dual citizenship consulting company1

Get in touch with us

First, you contact us. Tell us when you'd like to be in Italy and let us know all the information you can about your family. We'll check our availability, go over your eligibility, examine your records, translate them, and make sure you have a complete application ready to be handed in on the ground in Italy.
Italian dual citizenship consulting services2

Arrive & Request residency

We'll welcome you to your temporary home for the next 2 weeks. Once you're settled, we'll take you to apply for residency. We'll help you fill out all the necessary forms and make sure your residency is confirmed in a timely manner.
Obtain Italian dual citizenship to work in Italy3

Hand in your documents

After your residency has been put into the town's system, you can then hand in your documents. We'll sit with you at your appointment where you will show the town officials all of your vital records which have been pre-examined and translated by us.
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Wait for your citizenship!

Once everything has been taken care of in Italy, you're free to either continue your vacation elsewhere or go back to the U.S. and wait for your citizenship. We will work on your behalf with the consulate back home and the comune to process everything as fast as possible.


Our network of Italian towns

When you work with Get Italian Citizenship, we can help you apply in a number of Italian towns, including the ones listed below. We can also help you apply in Italy in the town outside of your choice, even if it is not a town within our network.


Our Italian dual citizenship application packages

At Get Italian Citizenship, we offer two types applications in Italy: standard and premium. Read more to find out about each.


Standard Italian dual citizenship application

  • Private accommodations in an authentic Italian town
  • Italian translations of your American documents for use in Italy
  • Interpreting on your behalf at meetings with Italian officials
  • ‚ÄčTemporary residency in Italy for your application
  • Assistance in handing in your citizenship application documents at the town hall where you've elected residency
  • Follow up with the Italian comune and Italian consulate on your behalf
  • Assistance in enrolling in A.I.R.E. once you are recognized a citizen
  • Assistance in obtaining your Italian passport and/or Italian identity card after recognition of your Italian citizenship

Premium Italian citizenship application

*Please note: Premium Italian citizenship application only available in Carunchio at this time.

  • 6 nights double occupancy in an ancient Palazzo
  • 5 nights accommodation in a private apartment
  • 6 breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • round trip Rome airport dropoff and pickup
  • Wine tasting
  • Pasta cooking class
  • Fish cooking class
  • Appetizer cooking class
  • Visit to Agnone and Bell Foundry
  • Cheesemaking tour
  • 12th century cathedral tour
  • And much more...

Want to find out more about our premium citizenship package? Check out our partners at Abruzzo Cibus.