5 Reasons to Get Italian Dual Citizenship

how to find naturalization records for Italian dual citizenship
A step-by-step guide to getting naturalization records for Italian dual citizenship
October 1, 2018

5 Reasons to Get Italian Dual Citizenship

how to find naturalization records for Italian dual citizenship applications

5 Reasons to Get Italian Dual Citizenship

5 reasons to get Italian dual citizenship

Hello everyone! If you’re reading this post it means you’re curious about the benefits of obtaining Italian dual citizenship.

As an Italian/American dual citizen (and, full disclosure: as an Italian dual citizenship service provider), I want to spell out 5 reasons why getting Italian citizenship is more than just a passion project.


You have access to the European Union at large

Want to live or work anywhere in the European Union without restrictions?

With an Italian passport, you can!

Obtaining Italian dual citizenship gives you all the benefits of any other European Union citizen. You can live, work, vote, and never have to worry about visas or permits to stay again.


You are more attractive to employers, even those back home

With an EU passport you’re more attractive to employers.

If your company has offices in the European Union, they could even send you there rather than hire someone local.

Also, having dual European citizenship is also a conversation starter. Your resume will be the one which stands out in the stack.


You can pass it down indefinitely

The cool thing about Italian dual citizenship is that there’s no generational limit.

You can get Italian dual citizenship from your great-great grandparents if you wanted to (and if you qualified).

Conversely, you can pass it down to your children, your children’s children, and your children’s children’s children (and so on!).


It’s actually affordable to get

Relatively speaking, Italian dual citizenship is a bargain.

You can gather all of your documents on your own without paying outside help. However, even if you go with a service provider who charges for their full service assistance, Italian dual citizenship is extremely affordable.

For example, to get a passport in Cyprus (another European country), you would have to invest 2,000,000 euros into the local economy. Yes, two million euros. That’s not a typo!

So, even if you enlist professional assistance, Italian dual citizenship is really an excellent deal.


Italy does not tax you on your citizenship

 Unlike the United States, Italy does not tax its foreign citizens no matter where in the world they live.

Thus, as an Italian citizen you do not have to worry about paying Italian taxes unless you actually live and work in Italy.

Even then, the foreign earned income tax credit would protect against double U.S.-Italian taxation for many. For further info, consult with your accountant.

Bonus: it’s a tangible way of honoring your heritage

With Columbus Day coming up, it’s time for us to think about and honor our Italian heritage.

There is no better way of doing this than obtaining your Italian passport. After all, you are already an Italian citizen if you qualify: obtaining Italian dual citizenship is merely obtaining the legal recognition of your status as an Italian citizen.

You’ve been an Italian citizen since birth and just didn’t know it!

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