730 Day Cases for Italian Dual Citizenship

Increased demand for Italian dual citizenship has caused many consulates to slow down or momentarily stop accepting applications.

For over a decade, Italian descendants in South America have been experiencing extremely slow wait times for appointments at consulates. Some consulates in Brazil and Argentina have a lottery system where applicants who are lucky to obtain a slot then have to wait 10 plus years for their appointment.
Unfortunately, slower wait times are also becoming par for the course at consulates in the United States. Currently, Los Angeles is giving appointments out anywhere from 4-6 years in the future, with some other consulates giving them anywhere from 2-4 years.
Over the years there have been court cases where lawyers successfully argued that these long wait times are a violation of applicants' rights. As per Article 3 of the President of the Republic's Decree no. 362/1994, the entire process for obtaining Italian dual citizenship can not take longer than 730 days. However, applicants have the right to intervene or have someone intervene on their behalf. The number of applicants is already high and increases every year. Therefore, it is fundamental that applicants have someone playing an active role in their citizenship application even before the 730 days have elapsed.
If you have an appointment with a consulate that is more than 730 days in the future, we can bring your case via the Italian courts and thus cut down on your wait times for citizenship rather than going to the consulate. We have an ironclad network of experienced Italian attorneys who can help you obtain your birthright of Italian dual citizenship.
Our company will handle everything, becoming the single point of contact and collecting all necessary documents for you.

What's Included:

All necessary vital records plus legalizations

Naturalization records and/or Certificate of Nonexistence of a Record

Legalized translations of your documents

All court and legal fees