Many people of Italian descent qualify for an Italian passport thanks to their Italian heritage. Known as Italian dual citizenship or Italian citizenship jure sanguinis, here are 5 reasons why obtaining your passaporto is more than just a pipe dream.

You’re probably already an Italian citizen anyway

5 reasons to get Italian dual citizenship

Italian citizenship is passed down from parent to child in an unbroken chain across generations. This type of citizenship is known as “jure sanguinis.”

As long as your last Italian-born ancestor passed down the ability to obtain Italian dual citizenship to his or her child, then that citizenship also got passed down to every other one of your direct ancestors (and also to you).

Basically, according to Italian law: if even just one of your direct ancestors was a dual citizen or qualified for Italian dual citizenship, then so do you. In fact, according to Italian law, you’re already an Italian citizen, you just haven’t been recognized yet. When we talk about applying for Italian dual citizenship, we’re actually not applying at all. This is because if you qualify, you’re already a citizen and are simply asking the Italian government to formally recognize a status you already hold.

You can read more about the three simple rules for qualifying for Italian dual citizenship here.

You can live freely and unrestricted anywhere within the European Union

what are the benefits of obtaining Italian dual citizenship?

Italian citizens are European citizens. As such, they enjoy the full benefits of living in the European Union.

As an Italian citizen, you are entitled to live freely within the European Union. You do not need a visa to move to any other European country, and once you are there you can stay as long as you wish. Americans who are not European citizens are usually restricted to a stay of just 90 days without a visa.

You’ll have access to affordable, excellent health care

benefits of Italian dual citizenship

In 2017, Bloomberg’s Global Health Index ranked Italy the healthiest country on earth. According to Bloomberg, a baby born in Italy can expect to easily live to be at least 80 years old.

This is no coincidence because Italy’s healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Case in point: one of Italy’s longest running and most beloved television shows is called Un Medico in Famiglia (“A Doctor in the Family”).

As an Italian citizen, you would have access to some of the best healthcare your money can buy. What’s more, your wallet will thank you–most visits to the doctor are either completely free, or extremely affordable.

You can say goodbye to student loan debt

benefits of obtaining Italian dual citizenship

If you’re thinking of going to college or sending your kids there, you can kiss student loan debt goodbye. In an era where the average American student is saddled with over $30,000 in loans upon graduation, you can say no to bloated education expenses and study in Europe.

The continent is filled with world class institutions that charge next to nothing when compared with American universities (in some European countries, tuition is actually free). In an effort to attract more foreign students, more and more European universities are now offering degrees fully in English as well.

Your employment opportunities will abound

reasons why you should get Italian dual citizenship

Red tape makes it almost impossible for Americans with a single passport/citizenship to get hired for positions in Europe. Employment law in many European Union countries dictates that potential employees can only look elsewhere when local citizens cannot fill the position.

However, as an Italian national you would not need a visa. European employers would be free to hire you without any necessary red tape or sponsorships.

Once back home, your resume will stand out. American employers will see your international experience and their interests will be piqued.

But wait… there’s more

reasons to get Italian dual citizenship

You didn’t think we’d list only five reasons to get Italian dual citizenship, did you? Here are more ways an Italian passport can make your life more fulfilling.

  • It doesn’t affect your U.S. citizenship: both Italy and the United States allow for dual citizenship. Only in very rare circumstances is your Italian dual citizenship a hindrance, like when you want to work in positions requiring security clearance for the United States government.
  • Italy does not tax its global citizens: unlike the United States, Italy doesn’t want to know about any money you earn abroad. As an Italian citizen living in the United States, Italy will never ask you to pay taxes to Italy.
  • You’ll have the protection of two consulates when you go abroad: two passports means two citizenships. And two citizenships mean that if you ever get into trouble abroad, you can appeal for help from two consulates.
  • You can pass it down forever: Italian citizenship can be passed down from generation to generation without restriction.
  • Red tape can be cut in half: if you want to live, work, or own property in Italy, being an Italian citizen cuts down on the red tape.
  • You can honor your family: obtaining an Italian passport is a way to honor your Italian heritage and bring your family history full circle.

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