1948 Cases for Italian Dual Citizenship

Do you have a 1948 case that would otherwise make you ineligible to apply at an Italian consulate? We can help.
Though the vast majority of people of Italian descent qualify for Italian dual citizenship and can apply directly at a consulate or in Italy, there are some that unfortunately do not. Some of these people who do not qualify at first glance have what is known as "1948 cases." A 1948 case is one that refers to the year 1948 when the modern Italian constitution came into effect, changing the way Italian citizenship is passed down from parent to child. Before January 1, 1948 with the adopting of the Italian constitution, women could not pass on Italian citizenship to their children.
Except in very rare circumstances, only Italian men could pass on their citizenship to children. This means that even if you are otherwise eligible for Italian citizenship (i.e. no mother naturalized before the birth of her child), you cannot apply at a consulate if you fall under this rule. In effect, if you have any women in your line, you must make sure that her children were born after January 1, 1948 in order to be able to receive Italian dual citizenship. This rule does not affect women who were born to men, as men could pass on citizenship to their children at any time.

If you have a 1948 case we can help you obtain Italian dual citizenship. We have access to highly skilled Italian attorneys who have won hundreds of cases for clients, and we can put together a completed application for Italian citizenship. You do not need to be present in Italy, nor do you need to be present at a consulate to apply. Simply give us your information, sign authorizations, and we'll handle everything from A to Z for you.

What's Included:

All necessary vital records plus legalizations

Naturalization records and/or Certificate of Nonexistence of a Record

Legalized translations of your documents

All court and legal fees